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I Love Dunkin' More Than Starbucks—But Hear Me Out, Kay?


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I know I am in the minority with this but, I think Dunkin’ Donuts is by far better than Starbucks in every single way possible. I know Dunkin’ does not have limited time holiday cups in the same flashy way that Starbucks does, but that does not change the fact that it is more affordable and has the most delicious taste. By the end of my article, I will change your mind on this Dunkin’ vs Starbucks debate... hopefully. 

Reason #1

Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) is much more affordable than Starbucks. DD coffee ranges from $2.09-$5.00, depending on the size and type of drink you choose. Whereas Starbucks drinks range from $2.75-$10.00, depending on the size and type of drink.

Starbucks is almost double the price than DD, which adds up day after day of you buying a drink.

Reason #2

Overall, I rarely receive a drink from Starbucks that does not taste like it’s completely burnt. I genuinely enjoy the taste of DD coffee beans more than Starbucks. Granted, sometimes DD does not live up to my high expectations but it is always more delicious than a similar cup of Starbucks coffee.

Reason #3

Their donuts, duh. They are fluffy and amazing; no other donut can live up to DD’s. This is sort of a given since this chain is literally called “Dunkin’ Donuts," but you would be surprised at how many people have never tried a Dunkin’ Donut before.

So, if you are one of those people then I suggest to make it a goal to grab yourself one tomorrow morning to start your day off right.

Reason #4

Not only are their donuts amazing, but their food is also really good. My favorite is the Wake-Up wraps. In the morning, this is a fast, easy, and delicious way to get breakfast in. It’s perfect for someone on the run all the time. They also have other varieties of food such as bagels, hash browns, sandwiches, chicken tenders, pretzels, roll-up wraps, and English muffins.

Reason #5

DD is friendlier. When you walk into Starbucks, you feel the pressure to live up to the fancy coffee types and the names of the coffee. On the flip, you can be more relaxed and more conversational with DD employees. God Forbid you pronounce “Venti” wrong or say “Medium” instead of “Grande," then the Starbucks employee will make sure to point out your flaws and make you feel like you do not belong in the Starbucks culture. (To anyone who says this isn’t true, you are lying!)

If these five reasons weren’t enough to persuade you to switch from a Starbucks lover to a DD lover, I challenge you to counteract these reasons. On the other hand, if you have never had a classic cup of DD coffee then I challenge you to go get yourself a cup tomorrow morning.

Not only will you save money but your mornings, afternoons, and nights will be forever changed.

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