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14 Signs You've Been Friends With Someone for Way Too Long


Sure, we may say that we have a bunch of best friends, but really, we all have that one friend who has been there for it all. At this point, getting rid of her would be a scary thought. Not just because you love her, but because she's seen you go through your awkward stage, which, let's face it, is enough to keep you friends forever. 

1. She laughs at all of your jokes.

You can always count on her to make you look like the comedic genius you know you are. 

2. Her parents treat you like a dysfunctional adopted child whom they aren't afraid to set straight.

Your best friend gets in trouble and you get in trouble for letting her get into trouble. 

3. Your arguments never last long, because neither of you can go very long without talking to the other. 

"Wait, what were we even fighting about?"

4. You've compared yourselves to famous BFFs, and you know exactly who is who.

Bonus points if you know which one of you is Cory and which is Shawn. 

5. You have a language of your own.

One side-eye is all it takes with you two. 

6. You know that those ugly Snapchats are a sign of affection. 

And you trust her to screenshot only the really funny ones. 

7. You're not afraid to steal food off of her plate.

Just make sure you leave a little bit for her. 

8. You've shared a bed more times than you can count. 

There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned sleepover. 

9. You Facebook stalk every person she talks about.

And you take each other's opinions very seriously. 

10. She tells you how it is.

You aren't afraid of talking about the things that bother you, because you both know that it will only make you closer. 

11. She hates the people you hate.

And even if she doesn't have any real reason to, she'll hate them on principle. 

12. She isn't afraid to poke fun at you, especially about that ninth-grade boyfriend who ended up a convicted felon... but you know that she does it because she loves you.

But if anyone else makes fun of you, it's on. Because...

13. She always has your back. 

Even when she knows you're wrong or overreacting. 

14. You might end up at different schools in different states with different people, but you know that the second you reunite, you'll fall right back into your routine of Nutella and Netflix. 

You both know your friendship is one that will stand the test of time. 

Here's to many more years of doing stupid things together and laughing about it as hard as you can!

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