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The 12 Worst Things About Starting a New Semester


Ah, a new semester: a clean slate with new classes, new digs and a chance to make this your best semester yet. Starting fresh each semester isn’t exactly a bed of roses, however. Here are some of the worst things about embarking on another semester of school.

1. First of all, there’s the daunting process of moving all your worldly belongings into your dorm room…

…which happens to be the same day everyone else is moving in.

Why, oh, why did you insist on bringing so much stuff?

2. Then begins the process of buying all your new textbooks…

…which cost enough money to make you audibly gasp at the register.

3. On the first day, you have to contend with finding all your new classes…

4. …and probably wandering into a wrong classroom or two.

5. After months of idleness, you’ll suddenly be forced to listen to lectures and take notes again,

6. and all those syllabuses you’ll receive will make you feel like you're already completely in over your head.

7. You’ll also probably realize a few of your classes just aren’t going to work out.

8. You’ll run into people you haven’t seen in months and be forced into having uncomfortable small talk with them.  

9. The dining halls will feel extra crowded…

10. …and the gym will be swarming with students not yet loaded down with assignments.

11. You’ll try and get a head start on your schoolwork…

…only to end up getting distracted by your excitement of being back at school.

12. Though you’ll probably settle into a routine within a couple of weeks,

facing a little beginning-of-the-semester craziness is almost inevitable.

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