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9 Thoughts Everyone Has During Syllabus Week


Summer unfortunately has come to an end, but that means one thing: time for school! College is a dream world of fun, friends, boys... oh, and class, of course. It's an exciting time: It's a new year, we're reunited with our friends, we have new classes and everyone knows no actual work gets done during syllabus week aside from reading the syllabus. That's why they call it syllabus week, duh! A quick trip to class to hear your professor read over the rules, and then you're off the enjoy the beautiful weather and goof off with friends. Here are the thoughts we all have during the excitement of syllabus week.

1. "It feels so good to be back!"

You and your besties are back and better than ever. These are your stomping grounds, and this is your year. Let's get this party started!

2. "I'm going to be SO organized this year."

You stocked up on school supplies, color-coordinated your closet and printed out the syllabi for your classes already. You're so prepared to absolutely kill it this year in every aspect of life!

3. "Did the kid next to me bathe in beer last night?"

Sure, it's syllabus week, but it's extremely questionable whether some of your classmates are hungover or still drunk. Pull it together, kid.

4. "The guy in the second row is kinda cute... actually, really cute."

Obviously you're not actually listening to your professor reading off the syllabus. Instead, you're scoping out your classes for the hotties, just in case you ever need a partner for a project. And if the prof is hot, too? Score!

5. "Wait, why is the professor actually teaching?"

There is no learning on syllabus week! What is this? Make it stop. You didn't even bring a notebook with you to class. This stinks.

6. "This class may or may not be some form of hell."

You probably figured this class would be hard, but this is just terrifying. Everything your professor says is making this worse and worse. You may need counseling if you even survive this semester.

7. "I think I was over-ambitious in being super organized and productive."

It all sounded like a good idea at the time, but now that you're halfway through the week, you have a feeling this year is gonna be just like last year. Your middle name is offcially procrastination; always has been, always will be.

8. "Why did I go out last night? And why is this class so early?"

You kinda feel bad for judging that guy in class the other day. Sure, last night was AMAZING, but you now realize why you don't go out every night during the school year. Everything hurts and you want nothing more than to lie in bed in your own pain and regret. But you can't use up those precious free skip days yet. The struggle is real.

9. This week was rough, but this year is gonna rock!

You finally survived syllabus week, and while you may have battle wounds and reservations about some classes, you're still that much more excited for what's to come! Time for another great year. Whether it's your first syllabus week, your last or something in between, enjoy every second of this week, because this is seriously the time of our lives! Live it up, collegiettes. #YOLO

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