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How to Remove Waterproof Makeup If You're Kind of Panicking About It


One of the cardinal rules of makeup (and arguably, the most important) is that at the end of the day, you remove it. It doesn't matter what's happening, you take off your makeup. Whether it’s been a long night of partying or you’re just “too tired,” this step is not to be skipped.

Sleeping in your makeup, or even wearing it for prolonged hours can lead to breakouts and even inhibit nighttime aging.  With that mini PSA engraved in your brain, make sure you’re using the right makeup remover to truly take off those cosmetics and leave your face fresh and clean for your skincare routine. While you can use any ordinary makeup remover wipe or cleanser, even the best removers don’t work on waterproof makeup.

Waterproof makeup does its job and tends to stay put, no matter how much remover is used. Check out some of these products and tips to remove all kinds of makeup, especially after a long day.

Garnier Waterproof Micellar Cleanser Water ($8.99)

A basic tip is to aim for a remover that is specifically made for waterproof makeup. This Micellar Water from Garnier is a personal favorite, and at under $9, it won’t break the bank when it needs to be replenished. It’s made for all skin types, as it removes makeup and cleanses the skin.

Clinique Take off the Day Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips ($19.50)

Clinique is one of the OG skincare brands and their makeup remover is legendary. Any of their products in this line are amazing, as they come in a balm, oil, and wipe form. However, this specific remover is better for sensitive areas that we usually put makeup remover on more. I’m talking the eyelids, eyelashes, and lips. Well worth the cost and a little goes a long way. If you like to do a full face of makeup, I recommend the Take off the Day Cleansing Balm ($29.50) for a more thorough removal.

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Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($8.99)

Nothing beats a good makeup wipe. Is it just me, or is it exciting to see the makeup on the wipe and your face getting clean? Yes? OK. Anyways, the Neutrogena face wipes are a good start to removing product, but it can take a few wipes for those really rough days.

Coconut Oil Based Products

I do not think that coconut oil should be used as a makeup remover. At least not for the whole face. It can clog your pores and cause major breakouts. Now, using coconut oil on specific areas like the eyelids and lips can be helpful. When you have on a liquid lipstick or waterproof mascara that is just NOT coming off, applying a small amount of coconut oil to the lips or lids and letting it sit can make it easier to wipe away. The Coconut Melt ($28) by Kopari Beauty can be used for almost everything under the sun including removing makeup. Just be sure to exfoliate and cleanse after.

A Routine



hey guys! I just wanted to share my morning skin care routine with you.🙏🏼 •These under eye pads are great for facials as they will help to reduce dark circles, to remove puffiness under the eyes or eyelids. These collagen eye pads are enriched with moisturizers which will help reducing fine wrinkles & prevent aging. They can be applied under the eyes or eyelids. 👁💄 •@mariobadescu rose hips nourishing oil works magic!! Can't be without this product This product literally saves my skin when it comes to breakouts. Every time I have breakouts, I use two drops of this and massage it into my skin. Within the next day, the size and inflammation of my breakouts are reduced drastically. I can't be without this product, once I stop using it, I feel my skin becoming dehydrated and acne start to pop up! I have oily/combo skin, and I use this every morning and night. I don't find that it makes my extra oily. I truly truly love this product. I've also tried using 100% rosehip oil, and that was far to heavy for me. It would clog my pores and cause more breakouts. This is why I prefer this oil over others, it is lightweight and gets what I want done! •@mariobadescu rosehip face mask cleanses my skin and keeps it smooth . I Apply a thin layer of mask on clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Wait 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. I Use it only 2-3 times a week . Hope it helps someone like it helped my acnee prone skin💫⚡️✨🔥 @mariobadescu #rosehipoil #faceoil #facecleanser #skincareroutine #skin #mariobadescu #morningmotivation #morningroutine #facecleanser #cleansing #colagen #colageneyemask #eyepatch #selfcare #routine #wilmaschumann

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The best tip for removing waterproof makeup and ensuring it's actually off is by having a routine. Using a combination of products and removers that will really remove the makeup is a good way to start. BUT always follow up with a skincare routine. By washing, exfoliating and moisturizing you’ll put the nutrients back into your skin that you stripped from removing that stuck-on product.

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