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We Asked How You Guys Deal With Period Stains & Learned So Many Bloody Period Secrets


If you're a woman over the age of 11, chances are you've had to Google how can I remove period stains like, ASAP once, or twice, or, let's be real, dozens of times. I know the second I reach for a half-decent pair of underwear that I'm destined to get my period, because that's just how life goes. Shitty underwear? Period is nowhere to be seen. Nice, expensive, favorite underwear? It's a given that my period is going to arrive the moment those underwear (sorry, I'm going to say the word "underwear" a lot because I don't believe in the word "panties," CRINGE) reach my ass. Or, more accurately, my vag.

Here's the deal: we trust you guys. So, naturally, we took to our Instagram Story to ask YOU how you deal with period stains. What are your secrets? What have you learned throughout all of these years of bleeding and bleeding and bleeding all over your pants? How have you managed to have at least one decent pair of underwear yet?

This is what you had to say. 

How to get out period stains:

They're easy enough to get out with cold water and hand soap. - Mae

Use hydrogen peroxide to get it out! - Lily

Fuck it, they happen. It's normal. There's a reason there's "period panties."Sarah*

If I get them, cold water and soap soak before washing! - Ashley*

Rubbing alcohol ASAP. pour some on the stained area and it'll bubble right out. - Kelly*

I've learned that cold water and shampoo can get blood out of ANYTHING. - Lia*

Do they suck? Uh, yeah.

Yikes yikes yikes!!! - Becca


Horrific. - Jessie* 

RIP to our sheets.

Honestly horrible, we have 3 clean bedsheets and I killed my favorite undies last month :( - Katelynn

I hate staining my bed more than my clothes. - Erin*

Ugh a pain. - Bryanna

And, LBR, most of our closets.

I once started my period while hooking up with a guy and stained his sheets. I felt AWFUL. - Lindsay

RIP too many pairs of underwear :'( gone too soon. - Leah*

Once it went straight through my underwear and light jeans 😭 - Carly

It can be really embarrassing and difficult when you're dealing with this in public. I think every girl knows this feeling TOO well. - Gina

How to deal with the messiness? Just roll with it.

Period blood never comes out #nuffsaid. - A

At this point, all my underwear are stained. I'm not even bothered anymore. - Julia

It's been okay. Messy but usually not horrible. - Sam*

Real messy. - Hannah*

With every period, I lose another pair of underwear, but gain another bit of ~knowledge~, and this time around, thanks to this casual internet hang, we're even smarter than usual. We'll still obviously bleed through our underwear nine times out of ten, because such is life, you guys, but at least now we know how to get it the eff out of our clothes. 

*Names have been changed.

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