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Winter is Coming (SOS) & These Are the Shoes You'll Need for the Season


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we're starting to hit winter weather. This means it's time to put those summer sandals and fall ankle booties away and bring out the winter weather gear.

This season, however, don't feel limited to just the classic riding or combat boot. Here are a few different trends, across all shoe styles, to wear this winter that will make you stand out in the crowd and show everyone how stylish you are. 

Platform Flats

Flats are always a great way to go due to how comfortable they are. Platform flats, in particular, are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe because they are high enough to keep you warm and cozy even through puddles and snow slush. Here are a few of our top recommendations: 

Chinese Laundry Cecilia Platform Oxford ($69.95)

This chunky Oxford perfectly meshes the classic shoe with an edgy color and style, making it a unique choice. It comes in both silver and olive, easily fitting with any outfit. 

Jon Josef Gogo Lug Shoe ($170)

A classy and feminine take on a men's classic, this option is perfect when you need to walk through ice to get to class, but still want to look stylish while doing so. 

Victorian Combat Boots

Update your winter wardrobe with a new take on the classic combat boot this season. The slimmer, lace-up look of Victorian combat boots will keep your feet warm and your outfit on-trend no matter the weather. 

Pikolinos Bayona W8T ($210)

With a square heel that provides the maximum amount of comfort, these boots from Pikolinos are perfect for crunching through those lingering fall leaves on the ground or that fresh snow. 

Vagabond MYA Brandy Goat Suede Boots ($195)

With a bit of a witchy vibe going on with the pointed toe, these vintage-inspired boots are sure to inspire envy among your peers and make you the most stylish person on campus this winter season. 

Metallic Party Heels

What would the winter season, full of holiday parties, be without metallic party heels? There are many ways you can approach this trend, from going with a classic pump to wearing shiny ankle boots. Here are two of our favorite options: 

Chinese Laundry Rian Pump ($59.99)

This classic pump by Chinese Laundry is sure to go with any party outfit you choose. The sleek, gold color evokes the New Year's spirit and will add some brightness during those dark winter nights. 

Alias Mae Akilah Bootie ($250)

On the other side of the ~shine~ spectrum, this silver bootie perfectly represents those crystal clear, cold winter days. The accent of the silver buckle and the shape of the heel really adds to this option by Alias Mae. 

Clear Boots

Believe it or not, clear plastic boots are making a come-back this winter. There are many different styles you can choose from, and you do not have to go for a full clear boot unless you want to. These two options, both from Ritch Erani, are our favorite takes on the trend. 

Ritch Erani NYFC Barbarella Boots ($625)

This first option more clearly resembles a traditional clear boot, but the suede toe cap adds some additional elegance to the look. This is a style that can be worn anywhere and with anything, making it the perfect addition to your winter closet. 

Ritch Erani NYFC Argo ($675)

This option, with faux python print, perfectly meshes the classic snakeskin boot with the clear plastic boot. There isn't as much clear material, but the strategic placement of the clear heel and the clear cutouts still give the boot a unique style. 

Party Mules

Who doesn't like wearing mules both inside the house and out? They are the ultimate comfort shoe, having originally been slippers, and now there are plenty of options that work as party shoes or work shoes, even in the middle of winter. 

Daniella Shevel Madame Ruffle ($355)

These adorable blush pink mules are perfect walking around the city on a clear winter day. They will help remind you that even if the world seems cold and dead now, spring is just around the corner. 

Chinese Laundry Mollie Mule ($89.95)

The small heel on this mule, plus the silver studs, make the shoe reminiscent of a Western bootie. You still get protection from the elements, but you'll be comfortable and ultra-stylish – what more can anyone want?

These are just a few of the best options from each trend. Don't follow the same path this winter— try some of these new trends to update your wardrobe and show off your style!

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