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5 Fall Bucket-List Items You'll Need to Check Off This Season


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Now that there's a chill in the air and that the fall season is in full effect, it’s only necessary we start talking about fall bucket list ideas. It’s safe to say that the fall is the perfect time to get out there and have fun with the people you love. You just got back from a long summer break, and you’re certainly ready to make some good memories with your friends. Here are a few of the most essential fall bucket-list items you'll want to accomplish this season.

1. Drive-in movie

7 Fall Bucket List Ideas For College Students at the Honey ScoopThis past fall I went to see the movie "It" at a drive-in movie with my besties. And though it was a sub-par movie, it was so fun to pile up in a pickup truck, cuddle in some blankets and unhealthy food, and have a good scare. It was especially fun to watch a scary movie, because fall is the perfect season for some good ole thrills.

2. Dress up for a Halloween party

7 Fall Bucket List Ideas For College Students at the Honey ScoopLast year my friends and I were the Cheetah Girls, which was quite an adventure. We had a great time getting creative and all teaming up on a costume together. I recommend grabbing some friends and brainstorming something you all can a lot of fun with. Think the Wizard of Oz cast, The Powerpuff Girls, the Spice Girls...don't be afraid to get creative with what group you pick!

3. Go to a farm

Enjoy all the cliché fall festivities by visiting a nearby farm that offers all the fun fall experiences. Caramel apples, truck rides, some animal feeding, the corn maze — the list of bucket-list-worthy items goes on.

4. Carve pumpkins

This is not something you graduate from once you leave home – you can take it with you to college. If you go to a farm, pick up your favorite pumpkin out of the selection and make something of it. I always go on Pinterest and look up some artsy ideas (although I never go all out because my artistic talents just aren’t there). Bonus points if you bake the pumpkin seeds, because these are a little slice of heaven.

5. Go to a haunted house

Get a group together and drive to a sketchy haunted house. I have plans to go to one this fall and I’m a bit terrified. I will make sure I always know where the exit signs are in that place. But still, it’s a fun bonding experience with the people you love and most definitely a must during fall.

There are an endless amount of things to do in the fall. Grab your planners and write some events down so you don’t just have a bucket list without implementation. Those traditions don’t need to stay home with your family, you can bring them to college and enjoy them with your besties. Take advantage of this wonderful season of joy and beauty, and make it count.

Read the full post here

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