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7 Super Cute Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas


Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially if you're in college. No, not because of the candy, but because we finally have the chance to get creative with our costumes on our own terms! But, some of us might not have the time to get super fancy, spending hours on hair and makeup, or tons of money on intricate costumes. So what are we to do? Luckily, in today's day in age, we have plenty of resources for quick and easy Halloween ideas. Here are seven cute and semi-easy Halloween makeup ideas, sure to inspire anyone in need. 

1. An adorable deer


All you need is some black and brown eyeliner, lip liner, bronzer, and mascara. The white dots are def cute, but aren't entirely necessary for this look. But if you are interested, we'd suggest using white eyeliner to pop them on. Top it off with some adorable buns, and you've got Bambi! Who doesn't love this sweet and simple look?

2. Creepy, but cute



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For this look, you need heavy black eyeliner, red lipstick, and blush to create what we call "creepy, but cute". Fake lashes are also a great idea to complete the aesthetic. This classic, unsettling doll can be completed with braids or pig-tails, hair bows, and any cute little dress. Perfect for a last minute costume! 

3. The cutest kitty-cat


Are you starting to sense a theme? For this look, you really only need black eyeliner, however, we'd suggest using a liquid lip for the nose, because it's easier to paint on and lasts all night. You can also complete this look with some space buns and fake lashes to create that cute (and sexy) kitty cat. 

4. A simple mime



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If you wanna try out this makeup idea, you'll have the most unique costume in the room! Why? Well, because no one really thinks about being a mime for Halloween. But, it's simple, it's easy, and it works! All you need is some white face paint and eyeliner! Or, you can add red lipstick if you want to get fancy with it, and accessorize with a French beret! 

5. The sweetest scarecrow



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We'd suggest a coral-toned bronzer and a warm eyeshadow pallet to create the various parts of this makeup. This look can be created by blacking out the lips, adding some lines to look like stitching, creating a "patch" for your nose, and filling it in with a warm orange or yellow. (It probably looks harder than it is.) Finish it off with your favorite fall flannel and you're good to go! 

6. A glittery alien


Glitter alien makeup will never go out of fashion. It is so unique, can be done a thousand different ways, and it looks great on everyone. Here's what you'll need: metallic shadow (from any colorful pallet), loose glitter, lipstick, and highlight.

You can base your aliens color scheme off of whatever you own. The best way to create the alien look is by contouring your face sharply with "out of this world" colors, then add the highlight and glitter to the high points of your face. Pin up those space-buns, and be on your merry way! 

7. Comic book character


Pop-art makeup has been such a hit on Halloween because it's relatively easy to create. All you need to do is trace your features with black liner, black out your brows, and make them a little blocky, add some bright lipstick and eyeshadow – then you're a comic book character! The best part about this makeup is the fact that nothing has to be blended or perfect, it can all be blocky and exaggerated. It's a great costume for those of us with minimal makeup capability. However, you can spice this look up with colored dots and tear drops. Top it off with a funky wig and you're good to go!

So go ahead, and wait last second to come up with this years Halloween look. We've got you covered. 

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