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The Best TV Halloween Costumes for 2018


Halloween is hands down the best holiday—and no matter which day October 31 lands, collegiettes are busy preparing for Halloweekend and the numerous parties to come. Finding the right costume to wear to said shindigs can be overwhelming, so why not look to some of your fave TV shows for inspo?

DIY’ng a character found in your Netflix queue is easy, quick and cheap. Whether it be you and your bestie dressing up as Riverdale favorites Veronica and Betty, or your whole squad bringing Seattle Grace Hospital to campus with Grey’s Anatomy digs, TV character costumes are a fun time for all.





The Veronica to my Betty ✨💛

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Not only is Riverdale filled with insanely hot guys and girls, it also features intense characters and wardrobes that make great costumes. From besties Betty and Veronica to the couple lovingly known as #bughead, the options are endless.

Grey’s Anatomy

This Halloween costume choice, like its on-screen inspiration, will never go out of style. An easy costume to put together for groups or individuals is one from Grey's Anatomy, which allows you bring characters to life without having to worry about stumping anyone over your costume choice, Also, this option makes for a quick costume for all of you in the medical field—now you have an extra use for that expensive lab coat you had to buy.

Orange is the New Black

Dressing up as the ladies from OITNB makes for another great group costume option. Kick it solo as the badass Alex Vause, or in a large group for a fun and easy costume.


This Netflix series about women in wrestling makes for a great opportunity to bring the big hair of the '80s to any party. A great chance to experiment in body glitter and intense eyeshadow, the women of Glow make a great costume choice.

Bojack Horseman

Yes. Bojack Horseman. The cartoon series that features talking cats and horses makes for a comical costume that will dub you the life of the party. Princess Carolyn is a great chance for some DIY, with her fish dress and pink hair. Regardless of which character you choose, you’ll be sure to turn some heads.

Stranger Things

Ever since the release of this iconic series, costume parties have been filled with people dressed as Eleven, in her pink dress and waffles. While that is a great option, think about going for short-lived Barb or even overly eccentric Joyce. Oh, and remember to practice your scream for when you see the Demogorgon.

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