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What Winter Break is Like, as Told by 'Elf' & 'The Grinch'


There are few things collegiettes look forward to more than winter break.

After all your final exams are done, you can’t wait to spend a whole month doing whatever you please.

Before your break even starts, you make a list of all the things you want to accomplish while you’re home.

You plan on being productive,

being active,

and spending some time catching up with old friends.

You also can’t wait for some home-cooked meals.

Nothing could be better than a little break from school.

At first, you have a great time at home.

However, only a few days into break, your parents start to get on your nerves.

They ask you why you have yet to leave the house…

…and bug you about leaving your stuff everywhere.

You’re thrilled when one of your friends finally calls you to hang out,

as you start to realize you can’t keep watching TV all day. 

But when you go out in town with your friends, you feel as though you’re surrounded by high school kids.

You retreat back to your bedroom.

When your friends ask you to go out, you make up excuses.

You try and find ways to entertain yourself…

…but mostly you just end up eating.

And then you wonder:

Just when you’re about to lose it…

…the end of winter break comes out of nowhere.

Though you’re sad to leave home again…

…more than anything you’re glad to be back at college (and back to normalcy!).

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