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Back-to-School Shopping: Expectations vs. Reality


It’s the best part about returning to school: getting new clothes! You’re determined that this year, you’re going to finally achieve the perfect wardrobe. All of your pieces will mix and match perfectly, there won’t be a hanging thread or broken sandal in sight and you’ll combine trendy and traditional styles together fearlessly. Unfortunately, our expectations don’t always match up with reality.

Expectation: You saved up all summer so you could afford anything you wanted.

Reality: All those Starbucks Frappuccinos, online shopping sprees and Taco Tuesdays really added up.

Expectation: You’ll pick out a comfy outfit that will let you shop 'til you drop but is still cute enough to impress all the hot employees.

Reality: You either end up wearing a romper or something equally impractical that will have you cursing yourself in every dressing room you enter.

Or you end up rocking a cozy ensemble that has no fashion quotient whatsoever.

Expectation: All of your friends will want to come with you to help you pick out your fabulous new wardrobe.

Reality: Everyone is “busy.”

Expectations: The mall will be shining, spotless and easy to navigate.

Reality: There are so many people, you feel like you’re in a mosh pit.

Expectation: You have an extremely well-thought-out list of everything you need to finally own that dream closet.

Reality: What list?

Expectation: You'll walk into your favorite store and there will be options in every size, color and shape.

Reality: You only find one thing you like… and it doesn’t fit.

Expectation: You'll go into the next store to pick up that skirt or pair of shoes you've been lusting over online.

Reality: They don't have it, and now it's sold out online.

Expectation: You won’t buy anything that’s not affordable or on sale.

Reality: You find a budget-blowing, totally impractical piece that also looks crazy good.

Expectation: You'll head to the cosmetics counter and receive a makeover that will make you look ***flawless for the new school year.

Reality: You walk out looking like Kesha's makeup artist and KISS's makeup artist had a fight on your face.

Expectations: You'll finish your sartorial mission feeling exhausted but proud that you just overcame the shopping odds and have some great outfits to usher in fall semester.

Reality: You already know you'll have to hit the stores again next week to search for all the things you didn't buy.

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