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A Play-by-Play of Move-in Day Freshman Year


Ah, move-in day: A college student's first taste of the real world. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll never feel so free. Enjoy this emotional roller-coaster ride while it lasts, because it'll be over faster than your RA can say, "No alcohol in the dorm rooms!"

It’s move-in day, which means you’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

You couldn’t sleep last night, so you're just like, 

It's a mixture of completely exhausted but also so excited that you just need a minute. 

You parents are staring at your stuff like, 

No one said fitting this into the car was going to be easy. 

In fact, your car looks like this: 

You pull up to your new dorm, excited to get your stuff moved in.

There are people all over the place. You try to play it cool and make your way through the crowd like,

But on the inside you're like, 

You wonder how much the inventor of the futon makes. Probably like a million bucks per second judging by how many of those suckers you’ve seen in the past five minutes.

Oh, there’s no elevator in this dorm? Cool. 

You never realize how hard moving is until you have to do it without an elevator. 

And no air conditioning. Alright. 

You finally meet your roommate in person.

And your RA, who will probably tell you to leave your door open so you can meet new people.

This will sound crazy, but really, leave the door open. 

You inevitably realize you forgot something.

That something was your comforter.

Not to worry - nothing a trip to Target won’t fix!

You get to Target and it looks like every single freshman also forgot everything they own.


"But Mom, I need this beanbag chair for when all of my cool new friends come to sit in my cool new dorm room!"

You’re about to squeeze every last cent out of your emotional parents.

Protip: This is the best time to get things because your parents probably feel a little guilty about leaving you. 

Inevitably, you have a minor breakdown.

But it will pass. 

Then, suddenly, everything is unpacked.

Your mom is like...

And you try to keep your cool as your parents drive away, 

But you're really thinking, "Did I just make a huge mistake?"

But then you remember that you can do whatever you want now. You're an independent lady! 

So, while moving is never really fun, it will only get easier. Enjoy it! 

Happy moving! 

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