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What it’s Like to Go Back to School, as Told by 'The O.C.' & 'Pretty Little Liars'


When finals were killing you last spring, you couldn’t wait for summer break.

You were so pumped to spend three whole months doing this:

But after a few weeks, being at home or interning starts to get a little

You almost forget what it was like to be at college.

But then it’s August, and you get to move back in soon!

You get psyched about hanging out with your college friends again...

...and eating at your fave restaurants near campus.

You get all excited to buy new back-to-school clothes (in case anyone forgot how fabulous you were over summer break)…

…and you also can’t wait to show off how you FINALLY lost the freshman 15 (and got a tan!) this summer.

But then you realize exactly how much money you have to spend on textbooks…

…which you may or may not actually end up using this semester.

And then you realize how much money you have to spend on school supplies and stuff for your dorm…

And you’re just like:

You tell yourself you’re going to start packing early… right?

But then all of a sudden it’s the night before move-in day, and you realize how much stuff you have to pack…

And you’re just like:

On move-in day, finding a parking spot is like:

On the bright side, according to the pictures on the housing website, you scored a seriously awesome dorm room this year.

But when you walk in for the first time, you realize it’s a little smaller than you anticipated…

…and you’re more than a little worried about fitting all your stuff (and your roommate’s) in there.

You get ready to do some heavy lifting, like,

But after carrying a few boxes, you just feel like,

Finally, you finish moving in!

Your parents get all sad to leave you, like,

But you’re just like,

After your parents leave, you finally get to reunite with your friends!

…and last semester’s hook-up.

And that girl who drove you nuts last year…

It’s Welcome Week – time to party!

Then classes start, but trying to get back into learning again is just like:

But then you remember you’re just reading the syllabus in each class all week, so it’s still chill.

…until you get your first round of papers, projects, and exams.

Oh yeah, we have to do work here…

But hey, being back at college still pretty much rocks.

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