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What it's Like Being a Fall/Winter Person in Summer


Summer is coming to a close, and while the masses are cherishing the last few weeks before school starts and lamenting the days growing shorter, some collegiettes are secretly rejoicing that their least-favorite season is almost over. That's right, not everyone worships the sun, and between scorching temperatures and seemingly endless beach days, it's not so easy being a fall/winter person in summer.

You have to pretend to be excited about the start of summer, if only for your friends.

You're always, always too hot.

You own no summer scarves, only knit and plaid ones.

You have either thrown or have contemplated throwing a Christmas in July party.

You're tired of having to paint your toenails and you can't wait to hide them away in patterned socks and boots.

You start shopping for fall clothing way too early... like, mid-June early.

Every candle you own is holiday scented, yet you burn them all year round.

You struggle with wanting to snuggle up under tons of blankets but also not wanting to wake up covered in sweat.

Forget your friends' pop-filled summer tunes; your go-to playlist looks more like this:

You've started watching reruns of the holiday specials of your favorite shows.

You can't wait until you're no longer expected to be a bronzed goddess.

You're itching to ditch your coral lip balms and break out that vampy statement lipstick.

The snowflake twinkle lights never come down from your walls.

You set your computer background to some variation of this:

You've already planned your Halloween costume.

Your nails are perpetually black, navy or crimson... no neons here.

You're tired of having to make this excuse every time your friends ask if you want to go to the beach:

You cherish that first cool day in August when you can finally wear jeans.

You're tired of getting weird looks when you order a hot drink at Starbucks in July.

You actually can't wait to go back to school.

There's nothing quite like seeing that first green leaf turn orange.

What can we say, you're just a fall/winter person at heart! Which is why when your friends start complaining five months from now, being all like:

You'll be completely justified when you respond:

Stay cool, collegiettes.

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