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18 Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Semester


This year, we’ve decided that everything is changing.

1. We’re going to sit in the front row of every class and take notes that everyone’s going to want to borrow.

2. We’re never going to sleep through a class…

…because we’re going to be just so excited to learn!

3. We’ll stop procrastinating on all our assignments,

and we won’t save that 10-page paper for the night before it’s due.

4. We’ll support our team at every sports game…

5. …and we’ll be careful not to tailgate too hard beforehand.

6. In fact, this is the year we’re finally going to cut back on our drinking.

Who’s going to be the drunkest girl at the party? Not us, that’s for sure!

7. We’ll finally decide it’s time we stop hooking up with that guy we know is bad for us…

8. …and we’ll open ourselves to guys we would have never considered before. 

9. We’re finally going to get up the nerve to talk to that guy we’ve been crushing on since freshman year, too. 

10. We’re going to be totally fun and thoughtful roommates…

…and we’re going to be so neat that our friends will start to wish we were a little, well… less neat.

11. This year, we’ll always go to bed at a reasonable hour,

12. put ourselves together nicely every morning,

13. and hit the gym every day.

14. We're even going to stop eating fried food at 2 a.m. every weekend.

15. We’ll join new clubs, and we’ll meet a bunch of new friends that we may have never met otherwise.

16. We’ll start to figure out the skill sets we have (or don't have) to put on our resumes…

17. …and we might even start applying to some internships.

18. We tell ourselves that this year is going to be our best year yet!

Even though we’ll probably be back to our old ways in a week.

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