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Why That Pair of Statement Shoes Is More Versatile Than You Think


To anyone who’s ever shied away from buying the perfect pair of statement shoes because you couldn’t envision a world where you’d wear them more than once: we feel you. But you were wrong.

If you’re like us, you dream of wearing shoes that make you look like you have flowers growing from your toes or confetti on your feet (in a good way), but something always holds you back. Usually you worry that a statement shoe is only acceptable for certain ~fancy~ occasions, not for everyday wear, so you never end up buying those shoes that you know in your heart are made for you.

Not to mention the fact that finding such a perfect pair of statement sandals is near impossible - there always seems to be something that makes shoes less-than-ideal, specifically heel-height. For every time you’ve found the perfect sandal to wear with your yellow polka-dot bikini – only to realize that you can’t wear 6-inch heels to the beach, there’s been a time when you’ve found a pair that perfectly matches your going out dress – only to remember that wearing flats will get you lost in the sea of your tall friends.

But now the perfect summer shoe doesn’t have to be so hard to find, and the same style that works for your sunset rooftop party can double as the perfect sandal for you day walking the boardwalk at the beach. You can totally make a statement sandal (like these Betsey Johnson beauties, for example), work for any occasion, with any outfit you please. This same style comes in two different heel heights, sky-high and mid-heel, so the dilemma of not being able to wear your flowery faves to the beach and to a party is solved.

We styled four outfits, with everything from a vintage-inspired look to a lounging-by-the-pool ensemble, to prove just how versatile these statements shoes can be.

1. For Sunday brunch with your best girlfriends

Nothing’s better than late morning brunch with your besties - except maybe a kick-ass pair of shoes. Play up the flowers on your shoes with a floral pattern around your neck, throw on some flowy pants that give your stomach room for all the avocado toast and waffles (separately, of course) that you can handle.

2. For laying in the sun all day long

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or spending the day at the beach, these flats will keep you comfortable all day long. Play off the yellow in the daisies with a cute patterned swimsuit (and mix patterns for an added bit of fun).

3. For a summer night out

Throw on the heeled version of these amazing sandals for a night out. Whether you’re going to a concert or to dinner, pairing the shoes with a classic gingham dress and denim jacket is an easy way to hit every mark on the summer wardrobe checklist.

4. For a picnic in the park

For a casual day in the park with a good book, pair the platforms with jeans and a simple t-shirt that plays off the color of the shoes. Instead of a regular old pair of jeans, mix it up with colorblocked denim in two tones, and maybe even match your book to your outfit, too.

No matter where you decide to go, the perfect summer shoes can take you there.

Buy these statement sandals in both high-heel and flat platform and where them every day this summer. [Betsey Johnson Sedona and Pipper, both $79.00]

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