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Rihanna Got Into An Argument With Her Boyfriend While Vacationing In Mexico & The Internet Proved It Has No Chill


A recent squabble between Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel has the internet roaring and meme-ing. The two had reportedly been broken up after Rihanna claimed she “gets tired of men." However, their love story seems to be on again (and on edge) after the two were photographed in Mexico together during what appears to be an intense exchange.

The internet of course couldn't contain itself and used the pics to frame several responses to the argument for our enjoyment. These have to be the most relatable tweets that speak for any typical fight in a relationship.

Hassan wanting her to know not all men are trash.


Y’all ok? 


You know what you did.


They must’ve been arguing about Fifa, what else?


No one tells RiRi what to do. You do you, bro.


Send it.


We’re on your side, girl.


Because even Leonardo DiCaprio loves juicy celeb gossip.


Whatever Rihanna and Hassan were arguing about, it looked serious. At least the internet relieved some tension with humorous entertainment.

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