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7 Signs Your Roommate is Your Soul Mate


Roommates are the best: they’re our friends and our confidants, and sometimes, they’re basically our significant others. When you’re so close to your roommate that the two of you may as well be dating, that’s when you know it’s real. She’s more than just a person you share your room and your fridge with; she’s your better half and the best part of having to inhabit a crappy college dorm room. We think it’s time to pay homage to the beautiful love that only roommates can understand. Here are a few signs that you two are soul mates.

1. Privacy isn’t really a concern

You and your roommate have a VERY open door policy (that includes the bathroom and all). There is literally no such thing as privacy in your relationship, because you already know every detail about each other’s lives, and it’s highly possible that pretty soon you’ll begin functioning as one human being. So be free, be yourself and be creepily close to your roommate on the verge of stalker status, because you guys are in love and that’s the way it should be.

2. You have a telepathic connection

Who needs words when you can say everything you need to with just a look? Whether it’s judging “that girl” at the party, acknowledging that super hot guy at Starbucks or having a full-fledged conversation via facial expressions that causes outsiders to question your sanity, you and your roommate can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking. You’re connected on a whole different level, and it’s actually almost concerning how fluent you two are in your own silent language. 

3. You’re constantly aware of what the other is doing

You aren’t the type of roommates who sit at home wondering where the other is when one’s at the library all day. No, you’re the type of roommates who keep tabs on each other at all times, and if one of you falls off the grid, it’s time to call the search party and make sure she’s okay. Nothing says I love you like an “SOS are you alive?!” text from the roomie. Plus, you both like to update each other on every little thing that’s happening during your day, because your roommate shouldn’t have to wait to find out about the duck family you saw on your way to class.  

4. A night in together can be better than any night out

The two of you out together are a force to be reckoned with. But the two of you alone together for a girls’ night in is downright dangerous. Break out the wine, open up Netflix and get ready for some serious bonding, cuddling and laughing—it’s going to be a night to remember. There’s no need to worry about FOMO when you’ve get the most fun person at the party sitting right next to you.

5. Other people have noticed

So what if everyone has noticed that you and your roommate basically make the perfect couple? Everyone is fully aware that you two are a package deal, and while you know that your two-for-one special is the best thing that’s ever happened to the world, others may question your relationship. Let them be jealous! People should start taking notes, because not even Jay Z and Beyoncé have anything on the two of you.

6. You act like an old married couple

Sometimes you do sweet things for each other, like make each other dinner. Other times you fight about who needs to clean the hair out of the shower drain because you could swear you did it last time. But most of all, you act like you’ve been together for decades because your relationship goes far deeper than a year or so living together. So even when you do fight, it always blows over immediately after. That is, until the next time the drain needs to be cleaned out, because even the perfect roommate can cause some pet peeves.

7. You really don’t need anyone but each other

Sure, your other friends are cool, but at the end of the day, all you really need is each other. Let’s just face it: the two of you are inseparable, and the world would be a little darker of a place if you were only neighbors or classmates. Maybe your relationship is unconventional and borderline crazy, but you’re too busy being besties to care! You don’t need anyone else—just each other, a comfy couch, a pint of ice cream and two spoons.

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