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The 9 Best Tech Accessories for Back to School


Thanks to our childhood favorites Inspector Gadget, Spy Kids and Kim Possible, we’re well aware of how much technology can enhance our lives — even if the closest we get to evil villains are horrible bosses or bad friends. Whether you’re heading back to school or stepping foot on campus for the first time, pick up these awesome tech accessories for fall (saying, “Go, go gadget!” when you use them not required).

1. A pretty mobile charger

Like it or not, we’re lost without our iPhones. There’s nothing worse than your baby running out of battery while you’re running around from lecture hall to library to lunch! That’s why we’re obsessed with this $30 neon pink and gold charger from ban.do, which charges your phone up to 80 percent. So next time it’s about to die, just plug it into this little guy for a back-to-life miracle.

2. A single-serve coffee machine

College: Where non-coffee-drinkers turn into coffee drinkers, and coffee drinkers turn into caffeine addicts. Unfortunately, a once-a-day (or twice-a-day… or three-times-a-day) Starbucks habit can get expensive, fast. Invest in a Keurig brewer for $99.99, and you’ll actually save money. There are lots of colors to choose from, like banana and emerald (the purple has a proud spot on our office kitchen counter, in case you’re wondering).

3. A bright phone case

It’s the little things that put smiles on our faces, and this Society6 phone case, which costs $35, is the perfect example. Its pretty floral pattern reminds us of our happy place; when we’re slogging through a study session or homesick for our puppies, that’s a welcome occurrence. Luckily, the cheeriness is available for lots of devices: any generation iPhone, the iPod touch and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5.

4. A chic flash drive

Who knew saving your work could be so cute? We’re channeling Blair Waldorf with this adorable Kate Spade bow flash drive. It stores up to four gigabytes, so you’ll have room not only for your English term paper, but also your silly snapshots from last Friday night. At $50, it’s a little pricey, but that will just incentivize you not to lose it!

5. Portable speakers

Dorms are famous for being short on space. That’s why we love these $44.99 PBteen speakers: They’ll let you play your beautifully crafted playlists while making your room a little homier. Let’s be real, this little pig and monkey are just crying out to blast your Miley Cyrus songs.

6. A 2-in-1 Device

We love anything that’s two for the price of one, and the Lenovo Miix 2, which starts at $699, fits the bill. It’s a laptop, it’s a tablet - it’s a laptop and a tablet! Basically, you can use it in laptop mode with the keyboard and clickpad, and then flip the keyboard up so it’s a tablet with a touchscreen. Plus, it’s powered by Intel, so you know your work (and your Pinterest boards) are in good hands.

7. Stylish earbuds

For $29.99, these Happy Plugs earbuds will turn anything you listen to gold. You’ll also get a remote and a mic. Disclaimer: Her Campus is not responsible for the music interruptions you'll receive as people ask you where you got your awesome headphones.

8. Fragrance spritzer

Unfortunately yet understandably, flames are off-limits in most residence halls. Replicate the calming effects of a candle with a plug-in scent sprayer from Bath & Body Works. This little owl is only $9.50 and doubles as cute wall décor. Your guy friends will wonder how your room smells so good while theirs reeks of half-finished food and unwashed gym shirts. Just smile and ask them if they believe in magic.

9. An awesome phone dock 

Not only will this Jonathan Adler phone dock ($48) bring some old-school cool to your room, but it's also super practical: It's compatible with most smartphones. So the next time your friend with an HTC phone is getting ready with you for a night out, she can plug her phone into the dock, and when she's done, you can pop in your iPhone. Modern technology is so beautiful.

We can’t offer you Kim Possible’s Kimmunicator, but in our book, these tech accessories are just as cool. Have fun with your high-tech shopping, collegiettes!

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