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The 11 Best Lighting Options for Your Dorm


When you’re in your dorm room, don’t underestimate the power of good lighting! Whether you’re hanging out with a hot guy or girl, studying for your chemistry midterm or just lying in bed talking to your roommate, it’s super important that you have all the light you need. However, the glaring fluorescent lights that come with your dorm room aren’t the best options for hangouts, study sessions or roommate bonding time. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of cute yet practical ways to light up your space!

1. Colored Glass Lamp

Bring the beach to your bedroom with this lamp that looks perfect for a message in a bottle ($77.99 from JCPenney)!

2. Kennedy Task Lamp

If you’re always browsing the stacks, you’ll love the retro library vibe of this $129 PBteen lamp.

3. Constellation Lamp

We can see the stars in your eyes — oh wait, that’s just the lamp. Pick it up for $39 at Urban Outfitters.

4. Silver Floor Lamp

If your dorm room is rather dim, bring it out of the dark ages with this simple floor lamp from IKEA — it’s only $29.99!

5. Clear Bulb String Lights

We love these romantic string lights ($29.99 at World Market), which are perfect for a soft glow and making your dorm go from "sterile medical room" to "meadow wonderland."

6. Patterned Desk Lamp

For a dose of what our grandmothers call “pizzazz,” purchase one of these $19.99 Bed Bath & Beyond desk lamps. Lots of personality for a small price!

7. Marqee Question Mark

This Target wall accessory ($9.99) is perfect for all the times you have no idea what Jean-Paul Sartre is talking about.    

8. White Lantern String Lights

Make your transition from music festivals to microbiology a little easier with these airy lantern lights ($12.71 at Pier 1 Imports).

9. Fillable Glass Lamp Base

This $69.99 Lamps Plus option makes for the simplest, most heartwarming DIY ever: it’s a fillable base, so you can fill it with mementos from your hometown, latest vacation or whatever you'd like!

10. Cream Floor Lamp

This Lite Source floor lamp ($96) is simple and chic, and it won't clash with any of your other dorm decor. 

11. Clip-On Reading Light

Engrossed in your copy of Gone Girl late at night, but don't want to keep up your roommate? You can satisfy both your suspense cravings and your roomie with this clip lamp from Target ($9.99), which attaches to your headboard or bedside shelf.

Happy shopping, collegietes! We hope that we've given you all you need to literally let it shine.

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