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The 9 Cutest Laptop Cases


Most collegiettes these days are pretty savvy with technology, and some of the most important things of our lives are on our laptops, so it's important to keep them protected! Whether you're hauling your laptop to the library for a last-minute cram sesh or taking notes in class, you'll probably end up toting your Mac or PC almost everywhere on campus, so don't let it get roughed up in your bag. 

Here at HC, we banish boring laptop cases. Instead, we've chosen nine of our favorite laptop cases and shells that will keep your computer safe and stylish.

1. Embroidered

We love this embroidered Birds and the Bytes 20-Inch Laptop Sleeve ($29.99 at ModCloth) because of the adorably quirky print and the fact that it fits a 20-inch laptop, perfect for girls with a bigger computer (or just more stuff to carry around!). 

2. Sunny Citrus

Dread taking notes in class? We guarantee that this Uncommon 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve in Orange ($29.99 at Target) will put a smile on your face, even if you do have to take notes for 50 minutes. This colorful case is designed to easily hold a 13-inch computer, but it's also available in a 15-inch size if that's what you need!

3. Peek-a-Boo

See-through laptop cases and shells are super popular, and we especially love this Speck SeeThru Case in Lilac ($49.95 at Speck), designed specifically for the 15-inch MacBook Pro. This SeeThru case comes in lots of gorgeous colors, and it snaps right into place on your computer, adding an instant wash of color and some serious personality.

4. Bold Houndstooth

If your style is bold and edgy, this Houndstooth Document and Laptop Bag ($68 at Poketo) for 13-inch laptops might be the perfect home for your tech. The houndstooth pattern on the bottom offset with solid black at the top and gold accent details keeps this case chic while still making a statement.

5. Mad for Plaid

We're suckers for a cozy flannel, and we're obsessed with the fact that we can get the same look for our laptop. This Mi-Pac Plaid 13-Inch Laptop Case ($38 at ASOS) reminds us of autumn nights and cups of tea, which are two of our favorite things. This rustically stylish case is rugged and durable and will definitely last all four years (and then some!). 

6. Yes to Cake

Sometimes a fun quote is enough to brighten up a dreary morning, and this sentiment is especially true if the quote is about cake. This adorable Eat Cake for Breakfast 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve ($60 at Kate Spade) is colorful and playful and will definitely put a smile on your face during that 8 a.m. lecture. Plus, you're sure to get a ton of compliments on it! 

7. Bookworm

For the girl who still prefers hard copies to a Kindle, the TwelveSouth BookBook for a 13-Inch MacBook Air ($79.95 at Apple) is the perfect laptop accessory. This case looks and feels like a leather-bound book, meaning that once you zip up your computer, everyone will think that you're just too cool for school (or at least too cool for technology!). 

8. Multi-Purpose

Sometimes a girl just wants to travel light, and this Solo Classic 16-Inch Tote in Black ($30.99 at Target) is perfect for just such an occasion. This quilted bag is designed to hold a 16-inch laptop, meaning a 15-inch device will fit perfectly with room to spare! Instead of throwing your laptop in a sleeve and then into another bag, make things easy for yourself when you're running out the door with this chic all-in-one tote.

9. Pop of Prep

For a classic laptop case in a fun color, look no further than the Herschel Supply Co. Anchor Sleeve for an 11-inch, 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook ($39.95 at Apple). The teal-and-pink combo is amazing, and the inside of the case is lined with fleece, meaning that you don't have to worry about your laptop getting bumped or scratched on your way to class or the library. 


Your laptop will be your best friend (and, at times, your worst enemy) in college, so it's important to take care of your computer and keep it protected. That means avoid drinking coffee (or other beverages...) near your computer, make sure you're backing your data up regularly and always using your case! Luckily, with these nine adorable cases and shells, you should be able to find something that fits your laptop (and your personality) to a T. 

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