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50 Things You Shouldn't Say on a First Date


The only thing more terrifying than being asked on a first date is actually going on one. (And spiders, of course.) Somewhere in between shaving your legs and asking every person you know whether heels are “too much,” take five minutes to read the official Her Campus list of things you shouldn’t ever say—things you shouldn’t even THINK—on a first date.

first date

  1. You look EXACTLY like my dad!
  2. So I want to order the steak but I'm broke – are you planning on paying for this dinner?
  3. My ex-boyfriend has that shirt!!
  4. I'm on my period...
  5. What's your last name again?
  6. I'm bored.
  7. Can you tell I'm wearing a lot of makeup?
  8. So this one time when I thought I was pregnant...
  9. I think you hooked up with my friend once.
  10. Can you drop me off by 10?  I want to go out after this.
  11. I want to raise my kids Catholic.  Is that ok with you?
  12. Can I take this call really quickly?
  13. After dessert, let’s buy a puppy together. We can name him Cupid. Or something.
  14. I showed all my friends your picture and everyone thinks you're cute. Well, at least dateable.
  15. Would you mind if I ran some senior thesis ideas by you? I made this list of 300 potential topics…
  16. If this doesn't work can we still be friends?
  17. So I put our names into an online love calculator and…
  18. What’s your shoe size? Just wanna know what I’m workin’ with.
  19. You look really different online.
  20. On the count of three let’s both say the weirdest STD we’ve ever contracted.
  21. So, like, does this mean we're exclusive?
  22. I’m a ring size 7, pant size 28, I like silver more than gold, I’m allergic to cashmere…
  23. I want all my children to enter baby beauty pageants.
  24. Any weird recessive genes in your family I should know about now?
  25. Full disclosure: I sleep with a retainer soooo… yeah, I'm a drooler.
  26. I'm just gonna say it: I love you.
  27. I never agree to go on dates with guys who are hotter than me. Pass the salt, please.
  28. Let’s make a pact to date for at least six months, no matter what! That would be so fun!
  29. My therapist wanted me to ask you…
  30. My last boyfriend was gay. Are you gay? You look questionable.
  31. Oh you're a [Insert Major Here] major? That sucks.
  32. When can you meet my parents?!
  33. Who’s that girl you had your arm around in that album from your formal last year?
  34. Do I have anything gross in my teeth?
  35. Our waiter's kinda hot.
  36. I'm so happy you asked me out.  Most guys say they will but then give me a fake phone number and never talk to me again.
  37. What do you think we should do on Valentine’s Day?
  38. I usually date guys over 40, but I feel like you're worth the exception.
  39. How much money do you make again?
  40. I have a date with someone else tomorrow night but I can cancel it if this goes really well.
  41. OK so let's talk politics.  Or religion.  Or tell family secrets.
  42. Last book I read? Do self-help books count?
  43. Ugh you got me flowers? Can you say CLICHED?!
  44. Some people call me "easy" but I think of myself as sexually liberated.
  45. Kill, screw, marry: Me, your ex, and your mom. GO!
  46. Just so you know, I’m on the Pill. 
  47. Should we get matching tattoos?
  48. I still talk to my ex-boyfriend a couple times a week, but we’re totally done.
  49. I'm having a great time. But maybe that's just because I don't get out very much.
  50. Am I doing OK? 

When it comes to dating, ultimately you’ve gotta do what feels comfortable. But now you can’t say we didn’t warn you. Go get ‘em, Tiger.

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