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27 Things That Happen When You Watch 'Pretty Little Liars'


1. The theme song starts and you and your friends sing along, forgetting the disappointment that last week's episode brought.

~*~ Got a secret, can you keep it ~*~

2. The first few minutes are spent silently staring at the screen while you all try to comprehend what’s happening.

3. During a commercial break, you ask your friends what’s going on, and everyone looks around like…

4. One brave friend ventures to give a recap and gets herself confused along the way.

5. Your roommate who doesn't watch the show yells at all of you to shut up.

6. Your friend who only watches once every five episodes asks who Spencer is.

7. *Cue smoldering sexual tension between two characters*

8. "Aww, they finally figured out a clue!"

9. You wonder why you're watching Spencer and Toby hook up for five minutes when there's a murder to be solved.

10. “I think A is definitely Caleb's mom conducting this from Montecito.”

11. You desperately wish that this show would just end.

12. Oh, God, your friend just told you that it got renewed for two more seasons.

13. A+ writing, you guys.

14. Oh, Liars, you’re going into the woods alone at night? Are you new here?

15. You can't believe that the entire town of Rosewood is involved in this.

16. Whoa, that’s who A is?!

17. Oh, no - they were just faking you out.

*Every time

18. So now they’re trying to convince you that this person is A?

19. You wonder if you'll know who A is by the time you get married and have children.


20. Two more minutes are left in the episode, just in time for A’s hands to make an appearance and give you anxiety.

*Cue black gloves doing something confusing and dramatic*

21. Once the episode's over, you and your friends look at each other like:

22. You all spend the next hour angrily trading theories and trying to solve this murder yourselves.

23. Sometimes you just want to give up worrying about who A is.

24. Because you really can’t take it anymore.

25. Your best friend understands the pain you’re going through, but she convinces you to keep watching.

26. After all, you have a love-hate relationship with this show.

27. But when it comes to finding out who A is, we’ll wait forever if we need to.


...Shut up.


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