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The Coziest Dorm Loungewear


We admit that dressing up is fun, but if we could wear sweatpants and yoga pants 24/7, we would! Check out HC's top picks for the absolute coziest loungewear and sleepwear to stock up on before heading back to school. 

1. Leopard Print Sweatpants 


When you're lounging around your dorm room, it's all about being as comfy as possible. These slim printed sweatpants from Aero ($26.70) are practically made for curling up with a movie and popcorn. 

2. Printed Robe 

For those long walks from the shower back to your dorm room, a soft robe is an absolute necessity. We love this pretty printed option from Aerie ($34.95) so much that we want it in both colors! 

3. Paris PJ Set

Let's face it, those duck-print flannel PJs you've had since middle school aren't going to cut it in college. Look stylish all night long in this adorable PJ set from Boohoo ($20).

4. Satin Eye Mask

A girl's gotta get her beauty sleep! Channel your inner Holly Golightly with this eye mask from Dorm Co ($6.45). 

5. Plush Slippers

Dorm room temps can be unpredictable, so keep your feet warm and toasty in a pair of plush slippers. We love this bow-accented pair from Kohl's ($22)!

6. Comfy Yoga Pants

College girls and yoga pants go together like summer and ice cream. This charcoal-gray pair from Nordstrom ($58) is super flattering and reversible (so you get twice the wear for one sweet price!). 

7. Oversized Sweatshirt

On the days we have our dreaded 8 a.m. classes, trying to look cute is usually the last thing on our minds. But with this oversized varsity crew from VS PINK ($49.95), you don't have to choose between style and comfort! 

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