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The 13 Cutest School Supplies You Need for Fall


With these cute school supplies, you might actually want to take notes in psychology lecture or start that econ homework! Check out our picks for the cutest stuff you need for the fall. From binders to pencils, HC is here to help you ease the transition from summer to fall - with a little shopping, of course.

1. poppin Monogrammed Notebook

Take your own cute twist on the monogram trend and write your notes in style with this monogrammed notebook from poppin ($9)! 

2. The Happy Writer Mini

Use this functional mini notebook from the Her Campus Shop ($12) for smaller notes to yourself! We would much rather have this mini notebook than an online to-do list.

3. 2015 Kate Spade Gold Dots Academic Agenda

We are obsessed with this Kate Spade planner ($36)—it will keep your life organized (and adorable). You'll remember all your appointments, classes and assignments, and hopefully some of Kate’s class and style will rub off on you, too. 

4. To-Do List Notepad

You’ll never forget to pick up your prescription or return your library books with this super cute to-do list pad ($14)! 

5. Donut Sticky Notes

Even if they don’t jive with your back-to-school health routine, have your donuts in your sticky notes ($12.95). For every sticky situation, there’s a donut to the rescue.

6. Raval Page Flags 

The equations sheet, the periodic table, the index… no matter the subject, there’s always that one page you keep flipping back to in your textbook. You’ll love to look at these page flags ($5.95), even when you’re studying the periodic table at 4 a.m. the night (morning?) before your chemistry midterm.

7. Marc Jacobs Eyeglasses Bookmark

Even if you have 20/20 vision, you’ll love this eyeglasses bookmark from Marc Jacobs ($19). Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner nerd—and never lose your place in that novel you’re reading for English!

8. Jack Wills Pencil Case


You’ll be “fabulously British” with this Jack Wills pencil case ($14.50). Check out the distinctive navy-and-pink combination, or go for the classic Union Jack pattern.

9. Pattern Pens


You’ll never want to lend out these pens from Poketo ($4.50) to the forgetful people in your English seminar… well, maybe that cute classmate can borrow one. These pens are a departure from the typical blue pen, and you’ll love the style they add to your note-taking procedure!

10. The Procrastinator 

This fun pen from the HC Shop ($3) has a name that's ever-so-appropriate for college studying. Play the game inside the pen when you're taking a break from taking notes.

11. Kate Spade Pencils

Though mechanical pencils seem to rule nowadays, these traditional pencils ($19.95) are charming and will make calculus seem much more bearable. Let's face it: they’re adorable.

12. "Oops!" Eraser

Mistakes won’t seem so big with this adorable eraser ($7 on Amazon)!

13. Dalmation Stapler

You have 101 reasons to love this darling stapler ($24 at Anthropologie). The rush to print, staple and hand in your history paper will never be the same!

Make your transition back to school easy and cute. Studying is way more fun when you love your school supplies!

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