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Lizzie McGuire's Most Memorable Outfits


Unlike Kate, we don't care that Lizzie's an outfit repeater. We're honoring our favorite tween queen with 10 of her most memorable outfits!  

10. Her Bad Girl Look

Although we adore our normal, sweet Lizzie, we loved watching her try out an edgier style, if only until the end of the episode.

Dark clothes? Crazy hair? A fake nose ring? It was the most daring 30 minutes of our preteen lives!

9. Lizzie's Modeling Debut

Lizzie explored her diva side after participating in a modeling show at a local mall. Even though she was only doing it so that everyone would stop treating her differently, we love the feather boa and oversized flower that scream: "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!"

8. Lizzie Goes '60's

Casual or formal, we all wanted to join the Rat Pack after seeing Lizzie and the gang sporting '60's style.

7. The Style Shack Pants

Lizzie attempted to win "Best Dressed" in these sequined hip huggers...

6. The Bargain Basement Pants

...but she wins in our hearts with these black, bedazzled pants from her mom!

5. What She Wore When Aaron Carter Kissed Her

Not everyone can pull off the daring combo of a red Christmas sweater and silver pleather pants, and not everyone can get kissed by Aaron Carter while wearing them, but Lizzie McGuire can!

4. Clue-less Chic

Lizzie time travels back to the '20's to solve a murder mystery, and looks good doing it. 

3. The ENTIRE Fashion Show in Rome

Why turn Lizzie into a walking igloo? Why not?

Who cares if she can't walk? She looks fabulous. 

Marie Antoinette is green with envy for this crazy outfit. 

2. The Picture Day Unicorn Sweater

This sweater prances into the #2 spot not because of how it looks, but what it represents: a girl with a heart of gold. 

1. The "Hey Now" Outfit!

After two seasons, 65 episodes, and countless outfit changes, Lizzie had to go out with a bang. And what better way to do so than as a pop star in Rome?

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