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The 17 Away Messages You Totally Used on AIM


In an era where Razrs were the hot phone on the market and dial-up internet was still totally a thing, your AIM away message defined you almost as much as your choice of boy band (will the *NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys debate ever TRULY be settled?). With no Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat Story to keep your friends up-to-date on your every move, your AIM away message was your go-to way to communicate with your many AIM friends, along with a few notorious robots (SmarterChild, anyone?). 

The things we posted in our away messages were ALMOST as embarrassing as our deep-rooted love for gaucho pants, but, as we’re sure you once posted in an away message, "Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days - Hannah Montana." 

Here are 17 totally classic AIM away messages that you definitely posted back in your instant-messaging days. 

1. BRB showering...

Just in case the love of your life IMs you in the next 20 minutes and is offended by your lack of response.

2. ~*Profile currently under construction*~ 

You couldn’t let people think you just had a blank profile! How embarrassing.

3. I have the best friends! MD, GH, BL, MP, ST, NL, CR, AT, RE, BM and everyone else. You know who you are <33333333

Because in sixth grade you had to let everyone know how TRULY popular you were.

4. Movies w/ Rachel, then getting our nails done, then doctor’s appointment, then dinner, then bed :)

Who said play-by-plays are strictly for sports?

5. %n is so ugly, right?! 

The original Internet trolling.

6. Hey %n, why are you looking at my profile at %t??

Just when they thought they had learned all your tricks, you fooled them yet again!

7. LiFe'S nOt AbOuT tHe BrEaThS wE tAkE, bUt ThE mOmEnTs ThAt TaKe OuR bReAtH aWaY ~~~~

For those days when you had to let everyone know how deep and inspirational you were.

8. So0o0o bored, someone IM me. 

By “someone” you meant the cute boy from your P.E. class. Obvi.

9. Sister needs the comp for hw :/ BBL 

The cute boy from your P.E. class JUST IMed you right when your sister suddenly needed the computer. WHY IS SHE RUINING YOUR LIFE?!

10. New SN! Add me: xX_heyyyitsSarah_Xx

You’re only as cool as your last AIM screen name.

11. away <3 hit the cell 

Nothing was more satisfying than seeing the “new message” screen pop up on your pink Razr.

12. Don’t IM me; so mad right now. 

Translation: Someone IM me right now so I can vent about whatever made me so mad.

13. ily Brandon <3 10/05/2005 

They all said it wouldn’t last… and they were right. You two broke up the next day after an emotional convo at the cafeteria lunch tables.

14. DancingChick478 is idle

Clearly you were way too busy doing really important things to update your away message.

15. Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon ✧ ✦ ✹ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✵ ✴ ❂

Because your mom wouldn’t take you to get headshots so you could audition to be on the Disney Channel.

16. 11:11 make a wish <333 

You probably wished that your mom would FINALLY let your upgrade your pink Razr to something much cooler: a Sidekick.

17. Can’t sleep :/ IM me if ur awake <3

Eleven o’clock on a school night in seventh grade is basically the equivalent of 3 a.m. on a school night in college.

As embarrassing as some of these are, we love to reminisce about the good old days of AIM. Don’t lie; you definitely posted at LEAST one of these back in the day. We sure did, and we’re not afraid to admit it! 

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