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Tyra Banks' 11 Craziest Moments on 'America's Next Top Model'


We love watching America's Next Top Model for the fierce photo shoots and model drama, but the real star of the show is Tyra Banks and her hilariously crazy antics. Here are Tyra's 11 craziest ANTM moments of all time!

1. When she pretended to faint before an acting challenge.

"Don't worry, girls; I was just ACTING!" 

2. When she wore a tiara and recreated Snow White.

No one does theatrical like Tyra Banks. 

3. When she turned into the Hulk.


4. When this happened.

We are all Miss J. 

5. When she twerked on a table at panel.

Even before Miley made twerking mainstream, Tyra was doing her thang (on a table). 

6. When she explained the meaning of "fierce."

Tyra's favorite word of all time. 

7. When she made up words like "pot ledom."

"Top Model" backwards, obviously. 

8. When she made this face.

You gotta give the girl credit; she goes for it. 

9. When she pretended to be British... in almost every episode. 

Because what better way to spice up an elimination than with a fake accent? 

10. When she completely lost it and screamed at Tiffany during panel.

Aka the most memorable moment in ANTM history. 

11. When she imitated herself screaming at Tiffany.

Just as traumatizing the second time around. 

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