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9 Things That Qualify as Meals in College


With busy schedules, small bank accounts and a serious lack of desire to use the stove, eating regular meals (let alone at regular times) is pretty much impossible. Here are nine things we eat in college that would never qualify as actual meals in the real world

1. Starbucks

Frappuccinos have whipped cream. Pie has whipped cream. Pie is food. Therefore, Frappuccinos are food (right?).

2. Cookie dough

Best eaten right out of the tub with a spoon. 

3. Day-old pizza

Because your roommate ordered it last night and you're too lazy to make yourself breakfast. 

4. Cereal

For some reason, Froot Loops just taste better after 8 p.m.

5. Ramen noodles

There's a reason why "broke college student" is more than just a stereotype. 

6. Wine

Because, why not?

7. Ice cream

We love our girls, but our two best friends will always be Ben and Jerry.

8. Dining-hall waffles

Even better? Ice cream ON your dining-hall waffles. 

9. Kraft mac and cheese

For those times when we want to pretend we're in kindergarten again and eat pasta shaped like Spongebob. 

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