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17 Outrageous Phone Cases


With everyone flocking to the same new smartphone releases, cell phone cases are a way to set your phone apart from its clones. They give you a chance to show your personality, and they're now better known for their decorative appeal than their protective properties. Some phone case designers have completely exploited this transformation by creating some of the most wild cases we've ever seen. Though they may not be as popular your average printed case, these creative phone cases will definitely make your device the center of attention. Be jealous, regular cases!

1. We thought flip phones were old school, but this case takes the cake (very reminiscent of Zack Morris's brick phone from Saved By The Bell).

2. If you hated jumping on the mobile phone bandwagon, there's a case for landline lovers, too!

3. Should we be speaking into the mouthpiece or the ear?

4. Cuteness overload - it's almost un-bear-able.

5. As if long phone calls with your mom weren’t painful enough.

6. Who needs theft protection when you have a venomous-looking phone case?

7. We hate when people brag about their new phones. Now they don’t have to (especially after the iPhone 6 is released!).

8. If this case can't withstand semitrucks, fires, and bullets, we want a full refund.

9. Did Katy Perry lose her phone?

10. This phone case is so smokin’ hot, you don't even need to ask for a light!

11. We bet this phone ran out of rollover minutes.

12. Whoa, what a handy way to hold your phone!

13. This case can double as a hand warmer in the winter months (but, it tends to shed in the summer).

14. What did you say? We can bear-ly hear you through all this stuffing.

15. Imagine trying to subtley answer a text... in the middle of a business meeting... in front of your boss.

16. Phone hackers decided to explore a new type of phishing.

17. These bread phone cases look scrumptous, but we hope they don't cause grainy reception.

Would you pick one of these outrageous covers over your current one? (The bread one looks pretty tempting, but maybe that's just our hunger talking). Let us know in the comments below!

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