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15 Signs You're Addicted to Twitter


Twitter is a beautiful, beautiful place filled with adorable animal pictures, celebriy gossip, hard-hitting journalism, free food alerts, inspirational quotes, hilarious commentary - we could go on forever. And it's normal to be passionate about beautiful things, right? Right?!

But unfortunately, sometimes a passion can turn into an addiction. Here are our top 15 signs you're addicted to Twitter. (Don't worry if many of these apply to you; we're currently exhibiting a few symptoms ourselves.)

1. When you’re trying to get someone’s attention, your first instinct is to call out “@” plus his or her Twitter handle rather than his or her actual name.

2. If you think of a good Tweet, you drop everything to post it, because otherwise you know you’ll forget its wording and your followers will miss out on your genius.

3. You become enraged upon learning friends/brands/celebrities/companies don’t have accounts. How will you stalk them now?!

4. The first place you learn about breaking news is Twitter.

5. You occasionally sleep-tweet.

6. Sometimes you can feel yourself thinking in clever 140-character blurbs.

7. You love using hashtags in real conversations, like “hashtag dying” or “hashtag no way.”

8. You’re following all the best accounts, like @CIA, @feministtswift, @HonestToddler and @EmrgencyKittens.

9. You were one of the first people to upload a header photo when the site redesign came out.

10. You use services like Qwitter, TweetReach and ManageFlitter to track when people unfollow you, what your most popular tweets are and who's seeing your tweets.

11. You live tweet major life events, like Beyoncé concerts…

12. ...and not-so-major life events as well, like your struggles to pick out the perfect party outfit.

13. You know exactly which times of the day are the best for tweeting or retweeting.

14. It’s your dream to someday have a Twitter convo with one of your favorite users or celebrities.

15. You’re seriously thinking about working in social media—after all, it’s kind of your area of expertise/calling.

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