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17 Reasons Country Singers Make the Best Boyfriends


We know you're not supposed to imagine the ideal boyfriend, because nobody's perfect. But if we had to take a stab at pinpointing the perfect boyfriend, we'd say there are some pretty great candidates in the country-music scene. Here are 17 reasons we think dating a country artist would be a great idea.

1. First things first … southern accents. 'Nuff said.

Southern accents are so hot, even Harry Styles tried to rock one.

2. Cowboy hats are pretty hot, too.

3. Listening to their songs has a way of making you feel better.

4. They know how to compliment you.

5. They're not afraid to show their weaknesses.

6. They're always there when you need them.

7. They're full of great, heartfelt advice.

8. They're strong and they can always defend you if need be.

9. They’ll take you on awesome road trips in their trucks.

10. They’ll make sacrifices for you.

11. They give you the best hugs.

12. They’ll put you on a pedestal.

13. You’re always on their mind.

14. They know you’re a little crazy...

15. ...and they love it.

16. They’re not afraid of commitment.

17. And, let's face it:

Country singers are gentlemen who put our needs first and love giving us compliments. What more could we ask for? Betcha they would make the best boyfriends – even though Luke Bryan is already taken.

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