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Cats - They're Just Like Us!


Will we ever be like them? Can we achieve those levels of perfection? Their fur is so glossy, their whiskers perfectly groomed. On our budget, we could never afford that collar with a bell or such a lavish flavor of Fancy Feast. We know them, we love them, but—don’t worry—they’re just like us!

They have long days at the office!

They agree to share dessert, even if they both want their own!

They pamper themselves at the spa!

They find creative ways to exercise!

They try to do parkour!

They try to be DJs!

They try on clothes that don't fit!

They feel mortified when it's not a costume party after all!

They run into their middle school arch-nemeses at the smoothie place!

They listen to their friends' boy problems... for the 10th time!

They love pleasure reading!

They have to endure the morning commute!

Sometimes they have nothing to wear!

They enjoy sports!

But most of all, they love pizza!

Whenever you get down on yourself and just wish that you could have it as easy as a cat, remember - they're just like us!

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