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Our Favorite Looks From Chanel Couture Fall 2014


There are fashion houses — and then there’s Chanel. This week, house designer and living legend Karl Lagerfeld unveiled the Couture Fall 2014 collection, and here at Her Campus headquarters, the drool hit the desks. Karl described his collection as “Le Corbusier goes to Versailles! Modernity with baroque elements!” Well, we passed our art history classes like the good collegiettes we are, but we still want to just call the collection “plain gorgeous.”

Here are our top nine picks from the show.

1. Look #2

The knee-high boots. The tweed details. The bedazzled cuffs. We’d like to wear this for frolicking around in Narnia, please.

2. Look #9

This must be the most perfect camel coat that was ever made. Also, how “Audrey Hepburn goes to Scotland” is that neck scarf?

3. Look #19

Everyone needs a little tartan/tweed combo in their lives, and this outfit has it in spades. We’re not sure where in the continental U.S. flip-flops are a practical choice for fall (or at least, flip-flops that look like these), but this ribbon-ed pair is so cute that we guess we’ll just blast the heat and make it work. Also, it seems like cycling shorts just went high-fashion!

4. Look #24

Um, this has to be one our favorite outfits, because check out the model. It’s Kendall Jenner! We can barely keep up (hehe) with her meteoric rise in the fashion world. She's already rocking a Chanel runway!

5. Look #25

It’s as if a bunch of cotton balls were dipped in red and pink tones, sprinkled in sugar and sewn on a dress. Only Karl Lagerfeld could make something we use to remove our nail polish look amazing.

6. Look #48

It’s… so… beautiful! We adore the sequins, play of textures, sexy slit and, of course, the beautiful demi-train on this dress. Oh, how we wish we could go to prom again (and snag this dress along the way)!

7. Look #52

One-third Star Trek, one-third Dynasty, one-third snow leopard, all amazing. This would be the most chic holiday party outfit ever.

8. Look #63

Can you picture wearing this during the next Polar Vortex? No, neither can we. But between the baroque details, the gold embellishment and the huge buttons, as Rachel Zoe would say — we die.

9. Look #70

This was the last look to appear on the runway, and it’s definitely finale-worthy. We think we’ve found our wedding dress.

We may never get our hands on any of these jaw-dropping Chanel couture pieces, but a collegiette can dream, right?

What did you think of our picks: did you love them, hate them or think we missed some? Let us know in the comments!

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