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7 Trends That Won't Last Past Summer


Everyone may be wearing these trends now, but come September, they’ll vanish faster than Charlie Sheen’s sanity. We’re not saying you shouldn't bother with these now — after all, they’re pretty cute! However, if you’re debating between buying a trendy piece from Forever 21 or from Free People, we’d choose the first and save the cash for another style that’s more than a fair-weather friend.

1. Overalls

Everyone from Rihanna to Ashley Tisdale is wearing onesies right now, but you definitely don’t need to go all in when purchasing your own pair. These shortalls from Wet Seal are an affordable $25.99--enough to spend on something that's well made, but not too much to drop on a fading fad. Because let’s be honest: overalls make going to the bathroom a huge pain. Plus, they’re a little too Dukes of Hazzard to stick around long in the fashion world.

2. Coordinates

Although being too matchy-matchy used to be a major no-no, currently it’s super in. With this tropical ASOS set, which costs $64.79 total, you’ll never have that awful “What do I wear this with?!” moment again.

However, as cute as we find these twosies at the moment, we have a feeling they’re on their way out; after all, how many times can you wear the same shirt and skirt together? So enjoy your painless matching while it lasts, ladies.

3. Jelly sandals

Flashback to the '90s! These playful shoes are on lots of feet in lots of streets. For $24, you can buy a pair from Urban Outfitters.

By the time fall’s chilly temperatures set in, though, your toes will want a little more coverage, so wear these with feminine summery dresses and skirts before time runs out.

4. Athletic pants

It's as if sweatpants and harem pants had a baby. A super, super comfy baby. We’re all for comfort, but sadly, fashion designers definitely aren't. Don't bank on these babies lasting long as a trend!

These pants are (literally) having their time in the sun, but their lightweight design and silky structure will probably soon be replaced by something a little less, well, easy. No one said fashion was fair. To capitalize on the jogger pants trend while it's hot, try this $14.80 version from Forever 21.

5. Birkenstocks

Once upon a time Chanel sent clogs down the runway, and for about two months, clogs — which everyone had previously mocked as a “mommy shoe” — cropped up in the closets of every fashion editor worth her salt. And then they disappeared back into oblivion — except for the ones the mommies owned, who had no idea how cool they had briefly been.

Well, we predict the same will happen to Birkenstocks. Certain outdoors-y types have been wearing them for years, but recently the brand has exploded in popularity. At their heart, they will always be designed for those more interested in comfort than style, which means their fashion fate is doomed. Topshop’s version is $45 at Nordstrom, meaning you can get the look without dropping a single Benjamin.

6. Watermelon and pineapple prints

Everyone’s going crazy for fruit patterns right now, and we’re definitely into it. We already love pineapple and watermelon in our drinks and dishes, so why not on our dresses?

But it’s kind of obvious why this is a seasonal thing. You’ll get lots of second glances if you wear a tropical-inspired outfit in November, and not in a good way. So pick up Lulu’s pineapple dress for $41 and wear it while it’s weather-appropriate!

7. Kimonos

We're wearing this exotic-looking jacket over all types of clothes: beachy maxis, edgy ripped shorts, playful rompers and more. You can buy your own lace version from H&M for $29.99.

Why wouldn’t we suggest investing in a kimono that costs a little more? As fun as they are, kimonos won’t be fashionable once all of the cute summer pieces you wear them with have been banished to the back of your closet. We wish it wasn’t so, but we don’t control the trends; we only predict them. 


While we hate to see some of these summer styles go, we're all about making smart investments; make sure you put your money into pieces that will stand the test of time rather than fast-fading fashions! Just call us your sartorial fortune-tellers!

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