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9 Shows Every '90s Kid Will Remember


It was a time of unparalleled cultural output. One of the greatest periods of artistic creation in human history. No, we're not talking about the Roman Empire or the Elizabethan Age… we're talking about the '90s.

Among other things, the '90s had some amazing TV shows. Collegiettes, do you remember these gems?

1. Rocket Power

Otto, Twister, Squid and Reggie had some totally tubular adventures, bro. They were 100 percent responsible for instilling a dream in every '90s kid of moving to California and surfing and skating all day.

We also have Tito, co-owner of the Shore Shack, to thank for some amazing nuggets of wisdom, like, “Never eat a coconut you found in the dark.”

2. Rugrats

If Rugrats was real life, those parents might’ve gotten in trouble for negligence. Seriously - Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica got into some crazy situations for a bunch of toddlers.

3. Full House

Who didn’t want Danny, Joey and Jesse in her life after seeing Full House? Also, realizing that Michelle was actually played by two people (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) was a revelatory moment in every girl’s childhood.

4. The Wild Thornberrys

At the time, it made total sense that Eliza Thornberry’s best friend was a chimpanzee and her family had adopted a feral boy and named him Donnie.

Side note: We think we can all agree Nigel Thornberry and his hilarious English accent were the highlights of this show.

5. Recess

They might not have been the coolest kids on the playground, but T.J., Ashley, Vince, Gretchen, Mike and Gus gave us a great portrayal of true friendship.

Plus, Recess’s crazy social hierarchy (remember King Bob and The Ashleys?) was a scarily accurate heads-up of what high school would be like.

6. Lizzie McGuire

Lessons we learned from Lizzie McGuire: even the Kates of the world have some niceness at their cores. Your best guy friend may be your perfect match. Little brothers are smarter than you give them credit for. Everyone’s parents are as embarrassing as yours. Best friends are the best.

7. Hey Arnold!

Why did Arnold have a football head? Was he wearing a kilt or an untucked shirt? Do Arnold and Helga get married? These are the questions that still haunt us.

8. The Proud Family

All of the problems Penny Proud had to deal with were problems we were familiar with: overprotective dads (Oscar), BFFs who weren't always the best influences (Dijonay) and annoying little siblings (BeBe and CeCe). Oh, except we didn’t have a record deal or a Suga Mama.

9. Kim Possible

It’s hard to pick what we loved most about Kim Possible — her loveable, goofy sidekick, Ron; his pet naked mole rat, Rufus; Dr. Drakken and his comrade-in-evil, Shego (who looked weirdly similar to Kim), or the title music. Yep, it was probably the title music. Don’t tell us you didn’t sing “Call Me, Beep Me!” all. The. Time. In the shower. 

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