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11 Reasons We’re OBSESSED With Chrissy Teigen


Ever heard of a swimsuit model who willingly posts double-chin selfies and scarfs down Taco Bell?

Meet Chrissy Teigen: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, Twitter enthusiast and Mario Kart aficionado.

While the modeling industry has a reputation for projecting negative self-esteem on young women, Chrissy is redefining the standards of beauty in the industry by proving on a daily basis that there’s nothing more beautiful than being who you are—your dessert-loving, selfie-taking self.

Here’s why we love her:

1. She loves food

Anyone who follows Chrissy on Twitter or Instagram knows that food is a big part of her life. Aside from posting mouthwatering pictures of her meals (who knew supermodels ate bacon-stuffed anything?), she spends a lot of her time cooking and blogging about her foodventures on her blog, So Delushious. Her blog gets right to the point, divided into three parts: Stuff I Make, Stuff I Eat and Random Ramblings.

2. She’s got style

When she’s taking a break from modeling in bikinis, Chrissy rocks the red carpet by playing with colors, patterns and plunging necklines. While her look may be unpredictable, she consistently stays chic and classy.

While she often goes glam, she doesn’t sacrifice comfort. For this year’s Oscars, she had pockets put into her gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown. (How else was she supposed to live-tweet one of the most prestigious award ceremonies of the year?)

3. She’s proud of her body

Her husband, John Legend, isn’t the only one who loves all of her “curves, edges and perfect imperfections”!

Chrissy’s open love of delicious food shows that she takes a healthy approach to her swimsuit bod. Her frequent food-related posts send the message that a fit, healthy body is something to be proud of, and that you don’t need to get there with extreme diets.

4. She loves animals

Already the proud owner of two dogs, Puddy and Pippa, Chrissy announced on Twitter June 8 that she and John adopted a three-legged French bulldog named Penny because “her first family were buttheads and we are happy to shower her with love for the rest of time!”

5. She’s open about drinking.

While many celebs hide any type of publicity surrounding alcohol or drug use, Chrissy is open about her love of wine (she frequently confesses to drunk cooking, eating and tweeting) and her choice to stay away from marijuana.

While she tweets that she chooses not to smoke weed, she let her fans who do smoke know that she’s not passing judgment on their actions, just making a personal choice:

6. She knows the female struggle

Whether she’s deciding which extensions to put in her hair or admitting to messing up her spray tan, Chrissy lets us know on a daily basis that she’s right there with us struggling in girl world.

7. She’s totally honest

It seems even supermodels feel guilty and need to open up about their past mistakes! Chrissy often admits to everyday mistakes, such as leaving the oven on or going too far on social media. We can relate!

8. She’s not afraid of an unflattering selfie

The next time you take a selfie from seven different angles and spent an hour picking the perfect filter, just remember: even models are capable of the double chin. Thanks, Chrissy!

9. She plays video games

Defying the “girly” model stereotype, Chrissy passes time playing on her Nintendo DS. She often tweets about her gaming adventures playing Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. Proof that she’s a serious gamer? In 2013, she had a Mario-Bros-themed 28th birthday party!

10. She’s a proud wife

Married to John Legend since September 2013, Chrissy is constantly praising her hubby. For example, she told Vegas Magazine, “He is such a romantic and so completely loving.”

It seems the feeling is mutual—John’s recent smash hit, “All of Me,” is written about her!

11. This, because this is how all holidays should be celebrated:

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