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The 3 Things You Need Now to Prepare for Fall Semester


It’s the middle of summer, and we wouldn’t blame you for being unconcerned with anything that’s not related to sun, sand or sandals. However, fall will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to forget to snatch up your school-year essentials before the first day. Here are our top three things to bring to college this upcoming autumn: the ultimate must-haves that will make or break your semester!

1. Souvenirs from Home

 If you’ve already completed a year or more at school, you’ll understand how quickly homesickness can set in — and pre-collegiettes, you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Fortunately, you can seriously lessen your longings for your pets, friends and comfy bed (okay, and your parents, too) by bringing a bunch of cute reminders from home for your dorm room or apartment. For example, if you’re from Boston, pick up a cute stuffed lobster or a Red Sox poster. Or if you’re a small-town girl born-and-raised, buy postcards of your hometown from those racks at the drugstore or post-office for a home-y feel in your new dorm.

Also, don’t forget pictures. Hanging up snapshots of yourself with your friends and family is an easy, inexpensive and sweet way to decorate your room.

Even with all these keepsakes, you’ll still get homesick every now and then at first. It’s natural, and it goes away as you get adjusted. But that’s okay, since you have a stuffed lobster to hug!

2. Cool Weather Clothes

Temperatures are annoyingly high right now, but at most places in the U.S., they’ll be plunging soon after you arrive on campus. Don’t be caught without a coat! We advise stocking up on your autumn essentials now. That way, you won’t have to resort to buying something you don’t like at the last minute just so you don’t freeze.

If you’re going to school in a brand-new climate, do some extensive research on which wardrobe additions to make. Puffer coats and warm winter boots are essential on the East Coast, but if you’re going to school in California, the most you’ll require is a pea coat and some rain boots.

For the girls who are already well acquainted with the weather, think back to what pieces were missing in your wardrobe last year — thick socks? layer-able sweaters? fun hats? — and pick them up now.

3. Microsoft Office 365       

Between going to class, studying, sleeping, eating and showering, you barely have time to do a calming “yoga breath,” let alone get to the fun stuff like hanging out with your friends or taking a fitness class at your college gym. Good thing Microsoft Office can help you make your crazy life more manageable. Whether you’re preparing for college this fall or a current student, Office 365 makes for a great companion to help you study smarter, stay more organized and manage your social life efficiently. With the ability to access all of your information whenever and wherever, you’ll always be set up for success. 

A subscription comes with all the apps you know and love, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. You get access to those, along with all of your work, on up to two devices and multiple smartphones — even if you’re offline. So the next time you’re dashing from your dorm room to the dining hall, you can scroll through your notes on your phone! Major efficiency points. Plus you get cool goodies like 20 GB of online storage (that’s a lot of selfies) and 60 minutes of Skype calling time per month.

Learn more about Office 365, including how eligible students can qualify for special pricing through Microsoft Office 365 University.


So can you forgive us for talking about fall when everyone else is all summer-obsessed? Trust us, your future self will thank you for being so prepared when you get to school with these essentials in hand. See you in September, collegiettes!

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