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The 13 Most Common Dorm Room Posters


College is all about discovering who you are—or, at least, discovering who you wish you were.  Whether you want your peers to think you’re enlightened, or alternative, or perhaps a burgeoning alcoholic, there is a clichéd college dorm room poster for you.

1. The Chat Noir Poster

So what if you don’t know a lick of French? That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a fine work of Art Nouveau!

2. The Abbey Road Poster

You may only be able to name half a dozen Beatles songs, but their music still really speaks to you.

3. The Kissing on VJ Day Poster

It’s so iconic! So romantic! Why should you be expected to understand the historical context behind Victory over Japan Day to display this poster? 

4. The Beers of the World Poster

This poster really demonstrates your affinity for worldliness and beer, even if you’ve never ingested anything more exotic than Heineken.

5. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s Poster
You may have never seen the 1961 film, but you think the number of little black dresses hanging in your closet gives you more than enough right to channel your inner Audrey.

6. The Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

Who knew a catchphrase from a World War II-era British safety poster would become your own personal mantra?

7. The Periodic Table of Mixology Reference Guide Poster

Chemistry? No thanks. Cocktails? Now there’s something that speaks to you!

8. The Rosie the Riveter Poster

Ever since you took that Women's Studies 101 class, you’ve felt it was your sacred duty to use feminist propaganda to routinely stick it to the patriarchy.

9. The "This Is Your Life" Motivational Poster

It may feel clichéd to display a collection of clichés, but they all just relate so perfectly to your life, you know? (#YOLO)

10. The Paris Window Poster

Admittedly, you’ve never been to Paris. But you’re totally planning on going there someday.

11. The Marilyn Monroe Poster

Here’s hoping some of Marilyn's glamour (and perhaps a little bit of her sex appeal) rubs off on you.

12. The Beer Pong Poster

How else would you be able to express your penchant for drinking and drinking games to your peers?

13. The Animal House Poster

Two words: So. College. 

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