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9 Reasons Allie & Noah Had the Perfect Relationship


It’s almost the 10-year anniversary of one of the greatest love stories of all time, so what better time to reminisce? The Notebook is a classic movie we could watch over and over again despite the roller coaster of emotions we experience every time. It's all worth it to vicariously live through Rachel McAdams getting to kiss the world's perfect man. We're sure Ryan Gosling will realize he's madly in love with us one day, but until then, let's all laugh, cry and swoon together over nine reasons Noah and Allie had the perfect relationship.

1. They’re equally in lust as they are in love.

The Notebook set the bar high for our dreams of being kissed in the rain, and just about every moment when Noah and Allie are together, they’re electrifying. Watching their sexual tension, we just wanna scream, "Come on and make out already!" But we patiently wait, and when the moment comes, we politely ignore Rachel McAdams while we pretend we're Allie. Don’t mind us; we’ll just sit here and swoon from our couches at home.

2. They’re also hopeless romantics.

Three hundred and sixty-five love letters from the world’s most beautiful man? Sign us up! Allie and Noah are relentless and unyielding when it comes to being together. After watching The Notebook, we were all convinced that love conquers all because, duh. It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over. *Melting into puddles*

3. They have fun together.

Nothing holds a relationship together better than a sense of humor and adventure. Noah and Allie know how to laugh and love together, and there's a beautiful innocence to their infatuation. From the very beginning of it all when Noah hung from the Ferris wheel, we fell in love with their constant playfulness. 

4. They’re honest with each other.

They’re not afraid to lay it all out on the table and be vulnerable, and that's what makes them a perfect match. Honesty is the best policy, right? They aren't afraid to say what's on their mind, even if it makes them vulnerable, and that's what makes their love so strong.

5. They overcome forbidden love.

A poor country boy and a privileged city girl? It’s like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, only better. Despite coming from completely different sides of the track, the two transform a summer fling to a love story for the books. Even with Allie’s mom hiding all of Noah’s letters and just about all the odds being against them, they find happiness in each other.

6. Even though they fight, they make up.


Sure, they have their rough patches, but every couple does. They're two passionate people who are able to hash out their issues. They may fight a lot, but it's because they want what's best for each other. Besides, it’s worth the steamy make-up sex.

7. They share an unconditional love.

Noah’s unconditional love for Allie is all we could ask for out of a dream man. He stays with her even when she no longer remembers their lifetime of love. Day in and day out, he retells their beautiful story. There’s something so heartbreaking yet romantic about it that keeps us watching even 10 years later.

8. They love each other until the very end.

Not only is The Notebook a beautiful love story, but it has a beautiful ending. We didn’t know we were capable of crying so many tears until Noah and Allie died in each other’s arms. Our hearts ached, our eyes swelled up, and we rocked back and forth in the fetal position for a little too long. Their love truly did overcome every obstacle they faced. BRB, just sobbing into our pillows for the rest of eternity.

9. But at the end of the day, Allie and Noah’s relationship is perfect because: Ryan Gosling.

Praise the heavens for this beautiful creature.

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