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16 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Literally Anyone Can Pull Off


We get it—all of a sudden Halloween is only a few days away, but between midterms, club meetings and Tinder, you've basically lost all track of time. If it's too late to order a costume and have it shipped in time, here are 16 easy DIY Halloween costumes that will save you from being the only partygoer with nothing to wear. 

1. Cereal Killer

Bonus: You can eat the cereal the next day while nursing your hangover. 

2. Rosie the Riveter

Embody the "We Can Do It" poster woman by wearing a red bandana, denim top, leggings and combat boots. 

3. Scarecrow

You're trying to tell me you don't have a flannel shirt, jeans and a brown hat? 

4. Copy Cat

Obviously a plain black cat is too basic, so go for the pun. 

5. Easy A

Wear your fave sexy attire and add a red "A" made from either fabric or paper. Pop on some pearls and sunglasses, and you're Woodchuck Todd-ready. 

6. Ballerina

Cue "Staples, that was easy."

7. Bride

Time to reuse that old homecoming dress. If it isn't white, just call yourself a princess instead. 

8. Risky Business

It's a classic.

9. Blair Waldorf

White blouse? Dark skirt? Add the tie and headband, and you're all set to rule the Upper East Side. 

10. Regina George

Literally all you need is scissors.

11. Hippie

Be Coachella ready—it's a good thing round sunglasses came back in style.

12. Orange Is the New Black

The title says it all. 

13. Pink Ladies

Put those bomber jackets to good use. 

14. Cartoon Character

TBH, you can become any cartoon character by wearing a shirt with their face on it—super simple. 

15. Lilo

Attach paper cut-outs to a pink cotton dress. Plus, you get to cuddle with Stitch all night. 

16. Medusa

Slay Halloween with gold snakes in your hair. It's FIERCE. 

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