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The 25 Best Halloween Costumes of 2017


2017 has been filled with so many great pop culture moments, from starter pack memes to Wonder Woman to Taylor Swift's new songs. Here are 25 costumes you'll probably see people rocking around campus this Halloween.

1. Wonder Woman

There are tons of Wonder Woman costumes on the web, but if you're on a budget, you can rock this look by donning a red tube top, blue shorts and some red knee-high socks and buying Wonder Woman's headband separately.

2. The Old Taylor

People will have a wide variety of Taylors to choose from, thanks to her music video for "Look What You Made Me Do," but zombie Taylor will probably be the most popular. This look might require some more advanced makeup skills, but with the help of a makeup-savvy friend, anything is possible.

3. Pennywise

Sexy Pennywise costume, anyone? Yandy is selling it for a whopping $120, but you can get the same look using a white dress that's probably already in your closet, buying an orange wig and imitating Pennywise's makeup.

4. Handmaid

All you need for this costume is a red dress, a red cloak made out of thick fabric and a white bonnet. You'll definitely stay warm in this layered costume.

5. Betty or Veronica from Riverdale  

You'll probably see Veronica from Riverdale around campus, too, but rocking Betty's look is as easy as finding a shirt with a colorful collar, a cute sweater and some white skinny jeans to complete the look.

6. Elizabeth II from The Crown

What girl wouldn't love an excuse to "frost" herself with a sparkly tiara and a mesmerizing necklace and earring set? Besides the jewelry, you'll need a blue sash, a cocktail dress and a pretty updo.

7. Moana

Moana's look is perfect for anyone with natural dark, beachy waves. Just grab a red tube top, a chunky blue necklace and a beige-colored skirt with a red belt tied around your hips, and show everyone you "know the way."

8. Corinne's Nanny, Raquel

Raquel's casual look is probably one of the easiest to pull off. All you really need to do is watch some old Bachelor episodes for inspo, and you'll be spending Halloween in comfort.

9. Beyoncé Pregnancy Announcement Photo

Bey's pregnancy announcement outfit is on the minimalist side, so you may want to bring along a jacket to keep warm, but all you need to pull off this iconic look is a brown bra, periwinkle blue shorts and a light green veil, topped off with a bright red lip.

10. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

You could go all out for this costume and buy an actual, yellow ballgown…or you could find an off-the-shoulder yellow dress and fashion it into a princess-worthy look. A half-up do with romantic waves will complete the Emma Watson-inspired look.

11. Maeve from Westworld

To get Maeve's look, you'll need to put your hair into an updo and scour your local Goodwill or thrift shop for a long dress worthy of a brothel madam. Wear a bold, dark necklace and some bright pink adornments in your hair.

12. Nasty Woman

All you need to channel your inner "nasty woman" is this T-shirt or one like it. You can scour the internet for various colors and styles, or make your own with a plain tee and a fabric pen or paint.

13. Trump Orb

One of 2017's most hilarious photos came when President Trump touched this mysterious, glowing orb. If you can get your hands on an orb, all you need is a Trump wig and a suit.

14. Covfefe

Another one of Trump's comments that has made its way onto merchandise, your "covfefe" can once again consist of dressing like Trump and holding a "covfefe" prop or just sporting a T-shirt with the word printed or written on it.

15. Nothing but Respect for MY President

The beauty of this costume is you can dress as casually or as cute as you want. All you have to do is make your own Hollywood star, dedicated to a celebrity of your choice, and walk around telling people, "I have nothing but respect for MY president."

16. Snapchat Hot Dog

Hot dog costumes are pretty easy to come across in most stores. If you'd rather use things you already own, a nude pink dress, yellow vest, headphones, oven mitts and Ugg-style boots will do the trick.

17. The Babadook

The Babadook's look really only requires a black cloak or baggy black dress, black gloves and a creepy print-out or cut-out of the mask. His lady counterpart's look would entail a light-colored dress and sweater, white gloves and another mask!

18. Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

If your hair is not already bleach blond, you'll have to shell out some extra money for a wig to really complete the costume. Daenerys Targaryen's style changes drastically throughout the course of Game of Thrones, so you can really pick any Dany era to rock. If you can find a dragon plushie—or three—to carry around, that's even better.

19. Unicorn Frappuccino

The unicorn Frappuccino's popularity may have been short-lived, but yours won't be in this cute and colorful work of art. You can check out a short video tutorial for the costume here.

20. Meryl Streep Yelling Meme

Iconic. Have fun holding your hands to your mouth all night long, though.

21. Big Little Lies

If you're looking for an excuse to dress down for Halloween, here it is! The sleep mask is also the perfect way to escape conversations with weirdo randos at parties, BTW.

22. Elizabeth Warren

Bust out your business formal wardrobe and channel your inner boss lady attitude to fully embody Elizabeth Warren's look. Dress pants, glasses and a colorful blazer like this blue one are all you need.

23. Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde's look is so chic and classic, you'll be getting compliments all night. You likely already have a crisp white button down and a nice skirt or pants in your closet, so all you'll really need to invest in is an icy blond wig. Bonus points if you've got any of her moves under your belt.

24. Starter Pack Meme

The starter pack meme is huge, which means there are tons of options for you to pick from. Just wear or carry all of the things listed in the starter pack, and with a minor explanation, you'll have one of the most clever costumes wherever you go.

25. Mia from La La Land

You can rock Mia's iconic outfit by finding a classic yellow dress from a thrift shop or maybe a friend's closet. City of Stars, here I come!

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