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7 Pieces of Clothing You Should Throw Out Before You Turn 21


Sure, you’re technically an “adult” when you turn 18 — but let’s be honest: turning 21 is when those grown-up ~feels~ start to set in. You’re over half of the way to graduation and can legally drink wine to your heart’s content — it’s time your wardrobe reflected your new adult-ness. Read on for seven pieces you should part ways with when you turn 21 — and what to replace them with.

1. Flip-flops that aren’t for the beach

In addition to being super terrible for your feet flip-flops, especially those of the rubber, waterproof variety, make pretty much any outfit that’s not a swimsuit look a bit too laid back.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t still show off your amazing pedicure in a different pair of sandals! Slides are the perfect grown-up version of flip-flops — you can throw them on and go, but they’re also way more sophisticated. Try this pair from Steve Madden for a fun, fringe-y look.

2. Anything with the tags still on it

We all have one: that top you bought years ago thinking it would become one of your favorites, and yet, it sits in the back of your closet unworn and with the tags still attached. No matter how cute it is, if you’ve made it through 3-plus years of college without needing it, chances are it’s time to part ways. Make some moolah by selling it to a local thrift or consignment store, or invite some friends over for a closet swap!

3. Uncomfortable bras and underwear

There’s nothing better than finding a super comfy bra or pair of undies that fits you just right — and at the same time, there’s nothing worse than itchy, saggy or just generally uncomfy underpinnings. We know, that lacy thong is hot AF — but if you can’t even look at it without feeling uncomfortable, it’s not worth keeping. Ditto with anything that’s ripped or has fraying elastic.

The bright side? Once you’ve gotten rid of those pieces sitting at the back of your undies drawer, you have the perfect excuse to *treat yourself* to some new panties and bras that are equally parts comfy and sexy.

4. Stretch “jeans” that are actually just leggings

Skinny jeans will always be a classic — so as you transition into being an ~adult~ you’ll probably want to have something on hand that’s a little more sophisticated than ultra-tight skinny jeans that are actually just spandex leggings in disguise.

Instead, exchange your jeggings for a mid-wash pair with a fit that’s a little more relaxed and made from higher quality denim — they’ll instantly become part of your go-to outfit. This cropped version from Levi’s is the perfect way to show off a cute pair of ankle booties or heels.

5. High school T-shirts

We know, we know — nostalgia! But chances are, these are taking up at least an extra drawer or shelf in your closet that they don’t need to be — and let’s be honest, how often do you really wear them for anything other than sleeping or cleaning your apartment?

If you have a few you want to keep around and are in the mood to get crafty, a T-shirt quilt may be in order — but until then, replace that varsity soccer tee with this super chic option from Madewell.

6. Cheap jewelry

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably racked up enough jewelry from places like Forever 21 to last a lifetime — and while these pieces are great ways to rock short-lived trends, they also tarnish quickly and can turn your skin green. Throw out anything that’s broken or tarnished beyond repair and instead save up and invest in a few quality pieces that won’t go out of style to supplement your trendier baubles.

7. Stretchy, body-con pieces

By now, you’ve probably realized that “going out clothes” can mean more than just an elasticized body-con dress or skirt from H&M. Ditch the skintight, solid-colored pieces and get more creative with your night out look. A sheer tee paired with a bralette or a denim wrap mini skirt are equally sexy — and you won’t look like every single other girl at the party.

Now that you’re officially grown up AF, your closet should reflect it!

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