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'The Royals' Is Your Next Binge-Watch Obsession


Looking for a show to binge-watch? If you love salacious drama, epic TV couples, dysfunctional families and the dark side of being royal, I’ve got just the series for you: The Royals.

The E! drama has been on for three seasons, so there are plenty of episodes to obsess over, but you won’t be taking on an unmanageable binge load. It’s already been renewed for Season 4 (no official premiere date has been announced yet, but it should be returning soon since filming for the fourth season wrapped a month ago), so now is the perfect time to catch up.

Created by Mark Schwahn, who also created One Tree Hill, The Royals has the same kind of family drama, insane twists and swoon-worthy couples that made you fall in love with OTH. On top of that, the show is about England’s fictional, royally-messed-up royal family, so you can see why you’ll be instantly obsessed.

How to Watch

Seasons 1-2 on Amazon Prime, Season 3 on Amazon Video; All seasons On Demand

Number of Seasons


Number of Episodes



Elizabeth Hurley (Queen Helena), William Moseley (Prince Liam), Alexandra Park (Princess Eleanor), Tom Austen (Jasper Frost), Jake Maskall (Cyrus)

You’ll Like This Show if You Like…

One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Crown, The O.C., Riverdale, Jane the Virgin

Essential Episodes

1x01 — “Stand and Unfold Yourself”

Meet the royal family. The pilot introduces us to the Henstridges in all their dysfunctional glory. Tragedy brings them together (in the physical sense of the word), but it also breaks each of them individually.

1x05 — “Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon”

No one throws a party like royalty. This episode brings about change in Queen Helena, Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor’s love lives.

1x07 — “The Great Man Down”

With one member of the family attacked, the others must go into lockdown mode, which leads to high-tension face-offs in a safe room.

1x10 — “Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run”

Eleanor investigates the conspiracy surrounding her brother’s death, while Liam and Cyrus make big moves toward leadership. Oh, and someone dies.

2x01 — “It Is Not, Nor It Cannot Come to Good”

Find out what the family has been up to since power changed hands.

2x06 — “Doubt Truth to Be a Liar”

Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor’s birthday party (they’re twins!) ends in a scandal that tests Eleanor’s relationship with Jasper like never before.

2x10 — “The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father’s Life”

Liam finally learns the truth about who killed [spoiler], and expectedly, everything hits the fan.

3x01 — “Together with Remembrance of Ourselves”

Jasper and Eleanor’s relationship starts to resemble something normal, which is cute AF, and someone comes back to life. (I told you this show knows how to pull off a good twist!)

3x03 — “Aye, There’s the Rub”

Flashbacks prove Liam’s latest relationship is more complicated than the show first let on. Cue more family drama.

3x06 — “More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind”

What starts out as a fun Christmas episode quickly leads to heartbreak for one royal.

3x09 — “O, Farewell, Honest Soldier”

Who will reign? A Privy Council decides which Henstridge should take their place on the throne.

3x10 — “To Show My Duty in Your Coronation”

Tea is spilled as we learn that a perceived good guy has been pulling strings to create disaster in the royal family’s lives.

Couple You Will Be Shipping



A post shared by The Royals (@theroyalsone) on

Don’t get me wrong—this relationship starts out in such a twisted way. But the romance that blossoms out of Jasper’s attempt to blackmail Eleanor gives the show legs. Their coupling is an emotional roller coaster—for them and for fans—but it’ll keep you watching and speeding through episodes as quickly as you can.

What to Do When You’re Done Watching

Have faith—Season 4 of The Royals is coming soon to E!

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