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7 Makeup Looks to Rock on Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, but whether you’ve picked out the perfect costume or are still desperately seeking the right disguise, you’re going to need an awesome makeup look to go with it. Whether you’re dressing up as a sexy cat or a scary zombie, we have the makeup look you’ll need to look awesome all night long.

1. Mischievous feline

If you’re dressing up as a mischievous cat for Halloween, this makeup look is simple and sexy. For an intense cat eye, apply smoky eye shadow and winged eyeliner (check out our tutorial here!). Marc Jacobs Beauty Tonite Lights Glitter Dust ($32) will create a smoky, sparkly look. Red lipstick can make the look even more stunning. Try NARS lipstick in Red Lizard ($26 at Sephora).

2. Playful angel

If you’re going to be a sweet angel for Halloween, you’re going to need some dainty makeup to go with it. Blue and white eye shadow can create a soft, powdery look, and adding on black eyeliner can make the look sexier if that’s what you’re going for. Estee Edit Metallishadow Crème + Powder in AquaNova ($25 at Sephora) will work perfectly. Add rhinestones to the corners of your eyes or underneath your eyes for a girly, glittery touch. A simple nude lipstick or clear lip gloss will do the trick for lips. Try Buxom True Nude Lip Foundation ($19 at Sephora) to find a nude that’s right for your skin.

3. Naughty devil

To achieve naughty devil makeup, metallic and red eye shadow will be your best friends! Cover your eyelid in red eye shadow and add darker, metallic colors (like black or gray) below your eyebrow. MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow in Black Diamond and Steel ($21 at Sephora) will be great for the metallic eye shadows, while NYX’s Bad Seed will give you a bold red ($4.50 at NYX). Black eyeliner and heavy mascara will enhance your eyes even more. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in Matte Black ($19 at Sephora) is a great liner to use because it’s waterproof and smudge-proof! Apply dark lipstick for an even naughtier look.

4. Scary zombie

If you’re going for a scarier look, try this zombie makeup! Apply a gray or black eye shadow to your entire eyelid and below your eye if you desire. Too Faced Smokey Eye Shadow Collection ($18) has the colors you’ll need. Black eyeliner will intensify the look, and false eyelashes will make your look even spookier. Make Up For Ever has a ton of options—type 31 (Carolyn) ($16 at Sephora) are extra long and dense, which will work great for many different looks. Black lipstick and shadowing on the face will top off your zombie look. For face makeup, use your black eye shadow to create grayish markings on your face. To make the look ever scarier, apply red lipstick for fake blood. Use black eyeliner for fake stitches if you want to go over the top.

5. Spooky witch

For spooky witch makeup that’s sure to impress anyone, try this shimmery green look! First, apply sparkly green eye shadow to your eyelids; try Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac ($20 at Sephora). Next, line your top eyelid with black eyeliner and apply plenty of mascara. Use false eyelashes for this look as well; rhinestone false eyelashes can be found on Amazon for $9.99! Or, for another dramatic look, apply gems onto the corners of your eyes. Darken your eyebrows for a harsher vibe by filling them in with Tarte’s EmphasEYES For Brows High Definition Eyebrow Pencil in Rich Brown ($20 at Sephora). Use red lipstick if you’re going for a sexy look or black lipstick if you’re going for a scary look. Voila!

6. Cute scarecrow

To change up the classic farmer look, all you need is adorable scarecrow makeup. Draw orange circles on your cheeks and nose with Orange Cream Makeup (only $1.99 at Party City!). Use black eyeliner to draw stitches on your nose and extending past the corners of your mouth. Draw “eyelashes” under your eyes as well.

7. Vicious vampire

For a blood-sucking look that’s still sexy, this vampire makeup is for you. First, cover your face with powder that’s lighter than your skin. Cover Girl TruBlend Minerals Loose Powder in a shade that’s right for you ($7.64 at Amazon) will work great. Next, use gray eye shadow around your eyes for a dark, mysterious look. Be sure to apply the eye shadow under your eyes as well. Use red lipstick on your lips and smudge it in order to create a bloodstained effect. To complete the look, wear Plastic Vampire Fangs (only $0.99 at Party City!).

Doing your makeup for Halloween has never been more exciting with tons of looks that can be achieved with spooky products. No matter what you dress up as, there’s a makeup look out there for you to experiment with! You’ll have the hottest costume at the party complete with awesome makeup. Feeling creative? Check out these Halloween nail ideas, too!

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