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12 Ways to Style Your Hair Post-Workout


Between work, school and Insta-stalking your new crush, it's hard to find free moments to squeeze gym time into your schedule. We all know that a girl's gotta get her workout in, but the maintenance of post-workout hair is also totally time consuming. There's just not enough time to crimp and curl before chem class! Luckily, here are 12 time-saving hairstyles (along with some amazing styling products) that easily transition from your sweat sess to the streets, so you can rock gym hair all day and not care.

1. Braided pony 

A braided ponytail provides extra security for high-intensity workouts like Crossfit, and can unbraided to unleash gorgeous waves post-workout.

2. Double-top buns

These playful, double-top buns are a cute and durable style that can withstand your spin class AND impress your crush in science class. Add a little extra style and security with these Sure Grip Clix Clips.

3. High bun

A high bun is great for tucking flyaways, which makes it the best style for a workout at the barre like Chrissy. Just slick and secure with super cute bobby pins (check out these Crystal Halo Gold Tone Bobby Pins from Icing) to add a little sparkle to your look.

4. High ponytail

This simple and sassy 'do is amazing for some hair-whipping action during your hip-hop cardio class. Bonus points for a cute braid-in like Gigi's!

5. Boxer braids

These double boxer braids will keep your hair tame during your cardio kickboxing class, so you can kick ass. Unbraid and style with Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo for cool waves.

7. Double fishtail braid

This intricate, yet secure style is perfect your keeping your hair in tact while you run errands after your morning mile run.

8. Low bun

This simple, polished low bun will keep you in order while you work it out in a bootcamp.

9. Braided crown

A braided crown is an optimal style to keep your hair tucked away while practicing your plank or squatting on the rack. It also pairs well with your favorite boho-chic dress for a post-workout lunch date.

10. Bubble pony

This funky ponytail is just as fun and functional as your favorite pilates class, plus (just like the burn) it lasts all day long. Make it even more adorable by styling with colorful yet durable elastics like Scrunci Multi-Colored No Damage Elastic Hair Bands.

11. Side braid

This classic, functional hairstyle is great for any workout, and is street-wear ready for a casual day. Add a little flair with a headband, like this one from Owl Be Sweatin'.

12. Low ponytail

This classic, low-maintenance style will keep you looking polished for your internship after a low-intensity workout like sunrise yoga.

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