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The 37 Best Co-ed Group Halloween Costumes for 2017


Halloween only comes once a year (unfortunately), and you're probably going to spend it with your whole squad, so why not coordinate an awesome AF costume theme for your group? Don't worry if your squad isn't the most creative bunch—we've got you covered with the best co-ed group costumes this year.

1. Archer

Bringing the animated to reality. 

2. Riverdale

If someone in your group isn't down to dress up as Archie and the whole crew, then are they really your friend?

3. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead group costume is the perfect group costume compromise for those lazy AF people who just wanna throw on a cowboy hat and put some gauze on their eye to become Carl (pronounced Coral). Plus, it appeases those extra people in your group who want to spend hours in the bathroom, pretending that they're an FX makeup artist, to look sort of like a zombie. 

4. All the People Trump’s Fired So Far

Or you could go as Trump’s current cabinet, just with a Survivor theme to your costumes. After all, political humor is the sexiest Halloween costume you can wear.

5. The X-Men

While the Justice League might be trending right now with the movie and all, every secret superhero enthusiast knows that the X-Men are the most BA group of crime fighters.

6. The Ghostbusters Squad

Show all those ghosts and ghouls that y'all aren't afraid of no ghosts. 

7. Fast Food Chains

It's the perfect idea for salty friend groups.

8. All of Taylor Swift's Alter Egos

Rock Taylor’s infamous curly locks and red lipstick from 2009 or her current look as a snake goddess.

9. Condiments

Whether you want to strut to your Halloween bar crawl as ketchup, mustard, mayo and hot sauce or go as the whole summer BBQ (including the adorable hot dog) is entirely up to your crew.

10. Pokémon

While Pokémon Go might be irrelevant, everyone loves Pokémon (if you don’t, you’re just lying to yourself). You and your friends could go as members of Team Rocket, or if you're a bunch of lazy guys and gals, you could forego the hassle of DIY-ing and get some comfy Pokémon onesies.

11. Emojis

It's the ideal costume theme for any tech-savvy collegiette. The real question is if you're sobbing face or laugh-crying face.

12. Trump's Tweets

Because nothing is scarier than Trump's Twitter feed. Spooky.

13. Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys

Who wouldn't want to dress as their favorite bubbly crime fighters?

14. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Sorry, Hulk—we all know Gamora is the baddest green superhero.

15. Kim Possible Characters

While all those Insta-couples will be glammed up as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, your crew will be filled with Shegos, Bonnies and Dr. Drakkens.

16. The Office

Because there's so much more than an endless parade of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly costumes. 

17. Games of Thrones Characters

Just don't fight over who gets to be the Mother of Dragons. There are plenty of other GoT costumes you can nail.

18. Futurama

After all, there's always a Zoidberg in the group.

19. Disney Princesses and Princes

It's the perfect group costume idea if your friend group is literally filled with couples (or if you just want to torment your besties who are crushing on each other). 

20. The First Family

Whether you want to dress up as Ivanka Trump or Donnie, it’s surprisingly easy to look like the Trump clan. First, get gussied up in your most ridiculously expensive clothes (knockoffs are acceptable). Second, sell your soul to Nixon’s ghost. Then, profit from all the Halloween costume contests you enter.

21. Skeletons

After all, the skeleton is a Halloween fashion that never dies.

22. Game of Thrones Dragons

Seriously, dragons are better than mermaids anyway.

23. Rugrats

After all, the diapers will come in handy if the restroom lines are extra long. Just don't fight too much about who gets to be Reptar.

24. Taco Bell Sauces

Because how else will anyone know your love for Taco Bell's fire sauce and their fire new clothing line

25. The Royal Family

Who wouldn't want to wear one of the queen's extravagant monochromatic outfits? 

26. Star Wars

Between the eight Star Wars movies, the possibilities are practically endless.

27. The Incredibles

Because a skin-tight, red-and-black bodysuit will make it easier for your drunk ass to find your friends in a crowded bar.

28. Power Rangers

Because we should still be celebrating that epic 2017 movie. 

29. The Stranger Things Kids

The perk of dressing up as Eleven is you can carry around Eggo waffles all night (so you don't get too hangry).

30. Grey’s Anatomy

Because f--k being sexy nurses—sexy doctors are way better.

31. Baywatch

Dressing as a Baywatch babe is the closest I'll ever get to Zac Efron. 

32. A Six Pack

Dressing up as the bottom top shelf of a bar is seriously dated, which is why dressing up as a six pack (or 24 pack) of Natty Light is much classier.

33. Cards Against Humanity

Better yet, wear a few giant cards so everyone at your Halloween party can play a round of life-sized Cards Against Humanity. 

34. Bob's Burgers

After all, Tina Belcher is goals. 

35. La Croix Flavors

Step up your basicness and dress up as your favorite drink (that isn't served with a green straw and extra whipped cream). 

36. Snapchat Filters

If you all use Fenty beauty products, then you'll even get that flawless glow that Snapchat filters use to hide your face demons, pores and RBF. 

37. Westworld

The flies in your Dolores and Teddy costumes are optional.

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