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5 Manicure Hacks That Actually Make Life So Much Easier


Manicures don't just make your hands look pretty, they actually cure you of all the stresses in your life. Drama with your ex? Get a manicure. Failed that midterm? Get a manicure! Sadly, not everyone has the time or the money to just hop over to a salon and get the ~special~ treatment. So, here are five hacks you haven't tried yet to get the spa day you deserve right in your dorm.

1. For the girl who loves acrylics and gels: Static Nails

These aren't your average drugstore press-on nails. Static Nails actually look like those high-end manicures that take hours at a fancy salon, but now you can DIY them. Reuse these nails and shape them to your liking, plus they actually won't damage your nails at all. Whether you want a long, sharp stiletto or a short french mani, Static Nails has something for you. The vegan and cruelty-free kits (starting at just $14) come with 24 nails, backup nails, glue, instructions, buffer and a nail file. Bless. 

2. For the girl who bites her nails: Mavala 

Admit it, with the stress of college it's hard to break your nail-biting habit! Each fresh coat gets ruined by nerves, and there have been days where you've walked around with polish stuck in your teeth. However, this ingenious solution will stop you from biting AND make your at home manicure last longer! Mavala Stop cures your habit by adding a nasty, yet harmless taste to your fingernails. After just a week with this stuff on, you'll train yourself to never bite again. The clear top coat can go over your bare nail or over your favorite nail polish color, and it's just $14.95 with Amazon Prime.

3. For the DIY girl: Matte Topcoat

If you've ever gotten a matte topcoat done at a nail salon, you know the internal struggle of having to pay extra for that UV light. Little known secret: you actually don't need a manicurist or a bottled gel topcoat to get the matte look. According to this hack from Modcloth Blog, just use cornstarch to get the matte look. Find your favorite clear topcoat and mix with a pinch of cornstarch, then apply to your nail. You'll save money and so much time!

4. For the girl who wants it all: VOESH

If you love to be pampered when you go the salon, then this is for you. Ever heard of hand masks? VOESH New York sells manicure hand masks with collagen and shea butter. Use them before painting your nails and you'll have the full experience of getting your hands soaked, softening your cuticles, an oil treatment and a massaging lotion all in one. It also saves time by letting you paint your nails while your hand is being moisturized by the mask. Use the Salon Finder on the VOESH website to find out where to get these little beauties near you.

5. For the girl with no time: NAILSINC

It's spray on nail polish, and yes, it actually works. Seriously, we watched a bunch of Youtube reviews so we could make sure. It may sound to good to be true, but it is literally spray-and-go. NAILSINC instructs users to put on the base coat that is formulated for the spray, and then just simply spray each nail. The spray gets everywhere, but once it's dried and topcoat is applied, the excess washes right off. You're left with a practically perfect manicure, and it takes much less time than painting. A can of your favorite color starts at $8.00, and the two-in-one base and topcoat goes $8.00 as well. Happy manicuring! 

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