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5 Ways to Stay Gorgeous in the Summer Heat


Now that our time in the sun is finally upon us, we don’t want the heat to ruin our summer-goddess look! Whether you’re interning or on vacation, Her Campus and beauty vlogger Victoria Vargas (omgitsvictoriaXD) are here to save the day. Fight frizz and keep your makeup in place all day with these summer beauty secrets from the sassy beauty guru.

1. Use a primer

If you have oily skin, wearing makeup in the summer can be a nightmare. Whether you’re outdoors at the beach or interning in an office, the high temperatures can make your foundation melt quickly, which is never attractive.

“Primer is always a must for me, no matter the season,” Vargas says. “It's particularly more important in summer because it's so hot, and most foundation and other face products have a harder time staying on.”

Primers seal in your moisturizer and create a barrier between your skin and your makeup so no oils can get through. Apply a makeup primer before your foundation to keep the shine at bay, like Vargas’s favorites, Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional ($31) and Rimmel London’s Fix & Perfect Pro Primer ($7.99).

2. Try waterproof makeup

Spending the day at the pool doesn’t have to mean going makeup-free. Unlike regular products, waterproof makeup lasts through swimming, sweating and all the rest of your summer activities.

“It's so important to have waterproof eye products, especially if you plan on being in the water and don't want to come out looking like a raccoon,” Vargas says.

 Prestige Cosmetics’s waterproof eyeliner ($5.49) and Vargas’s tried-and-true pick, L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara  ($8.99), prevent smudging and smearing, making them great summer choices.

3. Blot away sweat

If you notice some shine on your T-zone (your forehead, your nose and the area around your mouth) during your lunch break, try a blotting sheet before you touch up your makeup.

“I absolutely LOVE oil blotting sheets!” Vargas says. “Of course, my favorites are my Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets ($5.99). Before I touch up my foundation with powder, I have to use my oil-blotting sheets, because you never want to put powder over oil or sweat.”

These absorbent sheets remove oil, sweat and dirt without ruining your look. Keep them in your purse for a quick pat anytime, anywhere.

4. Fight frizz

Summer humidity can dry out your hair, causing frizz and breakage. Victoria keeps her relaxed tresses smooth by wrapping her hair at night (check out her tutorial ), but not without moisturizing with Chi Silk Infusion ($24.50) beforehand.

If you hair is extremely dry, try the moisturizing duo of leave-in conditioner and hair spray. Spray It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product ($17.99) on towel-dried hair for added hydration during the summer months. It’s packed with ingredients that smooth hair cuticles, moisturize your hair and even protect your hair from hot tools. After styling your hair, finish with a hairspray like One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hairspray ($11.99) to tame flyaways and achieve a sleek look.

5. Spay your fragrance on your pulse points

You love your body splash, but by midday, the scent fades. Sue Phillips, the owner of The Scentsorium, a custom fragrance studio in New York City, says your pulse points (your neck, your elbows, your ankles and behind your ears) generate more heat than other parts of your body, diffusing the scent.

“I apply my perfume in spots that won't rub off easily, like the nape of my neck,” Vargas says. “Also, you can use a shower gel and lotion similar to your perfume, and that'll give your perfume an extra kick.”


Don’t let your looks suffer this summer! Conquer the heat with these tips for your best beauty look yet.

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